Banda Aceh warns citizen from celebrating “haram” Valentine’s Day

Tired of receiving so many bouquets and chocolates every February 14th you handsome devil/pretty lady, you? Well, why not move to Banda Aceh, where your Valentine’s Days are likely to be much more… lonely.

The government of the capital of the Aceh province recently issued a renewed warning to its citizens that Valentine’s Day celebrations in the city are forbidden in all forms. That includes the sending of flowers and chocolates and even the putting up of Valentine’s Day accessories in public places like malls and cafes.

This is, of course, in line with Aceh’s strict interpretation of Islamic Syariah laws.

“Citizens and the young generation are not allowed to celebrate days that aren’t part of Islamic culture. The law says it is haram. The city government must protect its citizens from acts that are haram,” said Banda Aceh Mayor Illiza Saaduddin Djamal, as quoted by MetroTV.

The ban on Valentine’s Day in Banda Aceh and other parts of Aceh has actually been enforced for years. But we still pity that the people of Aceh still aren’t allowed to decide for themselves if they want to celebrate it or not.

Illiza said that signs enforcing the prohibition will be put up in public spaces and that the police as well as the Wilayatul Hisbah Syariah Police will be going around the city on Valentine’s Day to enforce the prohibition. Those caught violating it will be “re-educated” so they won’t have the nerve to publicly celebrate love again in the future.

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