Abusive man arrested after sending video of naked wife to school chat group

Photo via Unsplash/Bill Oxford
Photo via Unsplash/Bill Oxford

Police in Bandung, West Java have arrested a man accused of domestic abuse after details about an incident involving him sending a video of his naked wife to their children’s school’s WhatsApp group went viral.

A Twitter thread posted by a concerned citizen with a link to said chat group alleged that on Nov. 22, the man sent a video of him assaulting his wife and stripping her naked for teachers and other parents to see. He allegedly sent the video in retaliation to his wife recently leaving him to escape the abuse.

Further allegations of abuse against their two small children were also detailed in the thread, including audio recordings of the suspect making their infant child cry and threatening to hurt the kid if his wife doesn’t come home.

The West Java Police confirmed that the man was arrested on Sunday afternoon, after he had made threats against staff at the school he accused of conspiring with his wife against him.

“He was apprehended by the Bandung City Police,” West Java Police spokesman Erdi A Chaniago confirmed today.

Erdi added that investigators are interrogating the suspect to determine his motive. The extent of his domestic abuse has yet to be established.

Police have not announced to the press the formal charges against the suspect.

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