80.5 tons of of garbage excavated from Manggarai floodgate following heavy rain

Garbage being excavated from the Manggarai floodgate on Oct. 9, 2019. Photo: Jakarta Environment Agency
Garbage being excavated from the Manggarai floodgate on Oct. 9, 2019. Photo: Jakarta Environment Agency

Heavy rain often spells one thing for Central Jakarta’s Manggarai floodgate: tons of garbage clogging up the facility.

True enough, city workers were hard at work this morning excavating around 80.5 tons of garbage from the floodgate, which had collected overnight following heavy rain in Jakarta and its surrounding cities.

This is what such an amount of garbage looks like:


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“Since last night, garbage on the floodgate piled up. We have excavated more than 322 cubic meters, or around 80.5 tons, of garbage,” Jakarta Environment Agency Head Andono Warih said in a press release, as picked up by Kompas today.

In addition, the agency also excavated 18 tons of garbage from the Season City flood canal in West Jakarta. Andono said that the garbage, which consisted of pieces of wood, plastics and household items, were sent to the Bantargebang landfill in Bekasi.

Andono said the garbage likely flowed downstream from Bogor and Depok following heavy rain in the two cities yesterday evening. The agency is posting workers at the Manggarai floodgate round-the-clock in anticipation of more garbage being flowed downstream into Jakarta.

The Manggarai floodgate is situated on the Ciliwung River, which runs through Jakarta as well as Bogor and Depok. On the rare occasion that there are large amounts of garbage on Jakarta’s Ciliwung (which are often collected at the floodgate before they could flow further downstream in the capital), city officials — including Governor Anies Baswedan — tend to attribute the problem to heavy rainfall or floods on further upstream of Ciliwung, mostly in Bogor.

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