​24 free smartphone apps that will make your life in Jakarta easier and awesomer!

We all know living in Jakarta can be difficult. Hell, sometimes it feels like a battle. Fortunately, modern technology has given us access to all sorts of digital tools to not only make our lives in the capital easier, but also to give us easier access to the things that make Jakarta great.

You probably knew you could get map directions and order taxis with your smartphone. But did you know you can also: order an ojek; get real-time data on traffic, train schedules and busway routes;find out movie times and buy tickets; make dinner reservations or order sushi; report problems to the government and much more – all with a few taps on your touch screen?

Here’s our comprehensive list of the most useful Jakarta apps for your smartphone. And best of all they’re all free!  

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Map/Traffic Apps

Google Maps

How did people manage to find their way around the chaos of Jakarta’s randomly assigned street names and addresses before Google graced our city with its Maps in 2008? (Answer: By asking 20 random strangers on the street, who all inevitably gave you conflicting answers). Still the gold standard of navigations apps, Google Maps now also gives estimates of how long your trip will take, a handy feature but one we think Waze does better.
Download it for Android or iOS



Another map navigation app (that actually got bought out by Google). Waze collects real-time info from users to determine how bad traffic is (and also offer alternative routes on the fly as traffic conditions change). Although Waze and Google Maps are said to share data, in our experience Waze often offers more accurate trip time estimates than Maps (it might be because Waze also uses raw data from Jakarta’s own traffic management system). Unfortunately Waze’s user interface is quite cluttered and less intuitive than Google Maps, but if you want to get the most accurate traffic data to help beat the macet, Waze is your better option.
Download it for Android or iOS


Sometimes you just have to see what traffic conditions are really like to figure out how best to make your way through Jakarta’s see of motorcycles and cars. If you want to get a real-time view of Jakarta’s busiest interesections and streets, 

you can use the LewatMana app to access camera feeds from around the capital.
Download it for Android or iOS

Taxi apps

Blue Bird 

Still the most reliable and consistent taxi company, and taxi application, in Jakarta. The Blue Bird app has a relatively simple interface that lets you order taxis in a flash. It then gives you a confirmation on which taxi they are sending you and lets you track its progress to your doorstep via GPS tracking. As Blue Bird has the largest fleet in the city, response times are generally still much faster than other taxi apps, but it can still be nearly impossible to order a taxi using it during peak rush hour time. It also does not allow for any form of online payment.
Download it for Android or iOS

Express Now

Like the Blue Bird app, but let’s you call upon Express’ slightly smaller (but still huge) fleet of cars.
Download it for Android or iOS


This major new player in the tech world has been trying to make headways into the Indonesian capital’s taxi market since last year (though technically the company says it’s a private car booking app, not a taxi app –  an important legal distinction given their past problems with the Jakarta  government). Uber has a slick user interface that lets you pay for your ride with a credit card so you don’t have to even worry about paying the driver directly. However, since it relies on a fleet of private cars that is still relatively limited, you can’t expect to get a taxi as fast as you could with Blue Bird.
Download it for Android or iOS


Often described as Uber’s main rival in Asia, Malaysia-based service GrabTaxi does not have it’s own fleet of cars. Rather it works with currently existing taxi companies to act as a go-between connecting passengers with drivers.
Download it for Android or iOS


Founded in Brazil, EasyTaxi is another e-hailing application, similar to GrabTaxi. It gives you a list of nearby taxis and lets you contact the drivers, get their ID information and track their location in real-time.
Download it for Android or iOS


Like Uber but for ojeks! Go-jek has been around for a while, but has been focusing mainly on corporate clients and delivery services. Just last week they launched the beta of their own slick app for regular users that includes features

such as real-time tracking of drivers and online payments. 
Download it for iOS

Ridesharing Apps


Instead of helping you find a taxi, this app helps you get in touch with somebody who commutes along a similar route to you so that you can share rides. Essentially a community app that puts like-mined individuals who are interested in sharing their cars to save money and reduce congestion on our already crowded streets.
Download it for Android or iOS

Public Transportation Apps


A commuter guide that helps you get the most out of Jakarta’s convoluted public transport system. Gives  you access to Transjakarta bus shelter and route information, as well as information about regular buses, angkots and more. It also has info on commuter train line schedules and even real-time train positions.
Download it for Android 

Busway Transjakarta

Another transportation app aimed specifically at navigating the Busway. The cool thing about this app is that you can input a destination and it will calculate the nearest Busway station to that location as well as the shortest route to get there.
Dowload it for Android

Tiket Kereta Api

As you probably guessed from the name, this app actually lets you reserve tickets for different train routes. Find the train you want from the apps schedule, pay using one of multiple methods and the app will send you an email that you can then use to exchange for a ticket at the counter. 
Download it for Android 

Buspot Transjakarta

Using crowdsourced data, this app gives you real-time information about where Transjakarta buses are and, more importantly, how long the next one will take to reach your stop. Also gives you route maps and useful info like what minimarkets and ATMs are near each stop.
Buspot Transjakarta is available on Android and Windows Phone.
Download it for Android

Info KRL

Another train app, this one gives you real-time data regarding the position of trains on the KRL commuter line and helps 

you calculate the best and cheapest routes to your destination. 
Download it for Android

Restaurant Apps


A restaurant discovery and reservations app, Qraved has contact info, photos, menus and reviews for over 2,000 venues throughout Jakarta. But its big feature is its ability to let you make reservations with those restaurants with just a few clicks. Certain restaurants on Qraved also offer special discounts to those who make reservation during non-peak hours.
Download it for Android or iOS


A restaurant-listing and review app built in India, Zomato has been rapidly expanding throughout the world. It opened shop in Jakarta in 2013 and it definitely has one of the most complete and comprehensive restaurant databases in Jakarta. Our favorite feature of Zomato is that they’ve actually collected the physical menus from the vast majority of the restaurants in their listings, so you can see exactly what dishes they offer (and know how much you’ll have to spend to eat it).
Download it for Android or iOS


A Singapore-started food delivery service  that now covers 40 cities worldwide, including Jakarta. You just give it your location and it will come up with a list of restaurants that deliver to your area. You can then browse the restaurants’ menus and place your order all through the app. You can also pay through your smartphone or with cash on delivery. Also offers lot of exclusive deals and discounts. 
Download it for Android or iOS


Similar in setup to Foodpanda, however this food delivery app is based in Jakarta thus a bit more attuned to Indonesian users. 

Lets you order delivery from more than 600 restaurants and access to 15,000 menus. 

Download it for Android or iOS

Cinema Apps


If you’re looking for complete movie listing in Jakarta, this is your app. Gives you the schedules for both 21Cineplex and Blitzmegaplex. Also lets you look up movie info and trailers as well as adding your own reviews.
Download it for iOS 

BlitzDroid and BlitziOS

The Blitzmegaplex chain of theaters has two differently named apps for Android and iOS, but they both allow you to look up their film schedules, reserve and pay for tickets (and even popcorn), with just a few taps.
Download it for Android or iOS

Cinema 21

The official 21 Cineplex application, giving access to their Mtix Online Ticketing system and a complete schedule of 

showtimes at all XXI theaters in Indonesia.
Download it for iOS

Citizen Reporting App


This app is a big part of Governor Ahok’s smart city program. It allows anybody to report problems they find throughout the city, such as potholes in the road, by taking a photo of it and filling out a short form that will then be relayed to the appropriate public official.
Download it for Android

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