2 ladies aggressively fighting over rendang during wedding party is peak Indonesia (Video)

Two Indonesian ladies fighting over rendang at a wedding party. Photo: Video screengrab
Two Indonesian ladies fighting over rendang at a wedding party. Photo: Video screengrab

UPDATE: The video in this story has all but been confirmed to be part of an elaborate marketing stunt. Read more about that here.

Rendang: the world’s best dish (kinda), totally not crispy, and now the breaker of cordiality at wedding parties.

Today, a video showing two impeccably dressed Indonesian ladies at a wedding reception fighting over one of the nation’s most beloved dishes at a buffet has been making the rounds online. It appears that, before the video began, the lady wearing maroon called out the lady in green for taking too many pieces of the coconut-curried beef from the rendang tray.


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Baku hantam gara-gara rendang 😂 – By : twitr/hati2dimedsos

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“You have no shame, so classless. You want to feed a whole village?” the lady in maroon says at one point in the video.

“I can do whatever I want, whereas you cut in line,” the lady in green retorts.

The two ladies then shove each other as other guests try to break them apart before the video cuts off.

Well, we can sympathize with both ladies here. Rendang, with its delicious thick gravy of slow-cooked coconut milk and spices, does have the power to bring out the glutton in even the best of us.

The identities of both ladies, as well as where this incident took place, are not known. Regardless, the video has become a huge talking point among netizens in Indonesia today.


Well, while we’re at it, here’s our list of the best Padang restaurants in Jakarta. Rest assured, we’ve never seen any of them run out of rendang.


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