10 suspected of being poisoned after drinking ‘male vitality’ coffee in W. Java

Two of Indonesia’s “stamina-enhancing” coffees brands.
Two of Indonesia’s “stamina-enhancing” coffees brands.

Some Indonesian men will go to great lengths to improve their performance in bed, seeking out substances and treatments to improve what is euphemistically referred to as their “male vitality”. Even in the age of Viagra and Cialis, some guys turn to more gray market supplements to get their groove back, but as these products are poorly regulated they can sometimes have dangerous consequences.

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That is what authorities suspect is behind the recent hospitalization of 10 men in Sumedang, West Java. All 10 reportedly sought treatment separately after consuming two coffee brands marketed as male vitality enhancers.

“We suspect the 10 people were poisoned, eight drank Kopi Cleng and two people drank Kopi Janten,” Sumedang Police Chief Hartoyo told Detik today. He said the men ranged in age from 24-70 and came to the hospital separately after experiencing severe disorientation and other deleterious effects. 

Hartoyo said that the men had purchased the coffee at an herbal medicine store in North Sumendang’s Kaler Village for IDR20,000 (US$1.40), Samples of the coffee were taken for testing by the National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) and the Sumedang District Health Office. Although testing has not yet revealed what exactly the products contained, according to BPOM, the coffees had not received approval from them for market distribution and their producers would be investigated.

Fortunately, the men all reportedly recovered after two or three days of treatment in the hospital. 


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