Where to watch Mayweather vs McGregor in Jakarta (or stream it for free anywhere in Indonesia!)

Floyd Mayweather Jr takes on Conor McGregor this Sunday 8 am Jakarta time.
Floyd Mayweather Jr takes on Conor McGregor this Sunday 8 am Jakarta time.

The most hyped (some might say over-hyped) boxing match in recent memory, between undefeated world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr and Ultimate Fighting champion Conor McGregor, is taking place this Saturday in Las Vegas with the broadcast starting Sunday morning at 8am Jakarta time.

Many expect the once-retired Mayweather to utterly destroy the UFC fighter, who will be stepping into the professional boxing ring for the first time ever against the 49-0 champion, but the minuscule chance of an utterly improbable upset will surely get lots of curious viewers in Jakarta to skip Car Free Day in favor of the fight.

There are quite a few sports bars and other venues in the Indonesian capital that will be showing the fight, but for those of you who’d rather watch from the comfort of your home, you could watch it on local station TVOne or you could stream it live for free through iFlix.

Stream it from iFlix

One of the top contenders to streaming service Netflix, iFlix offers subscribers in Indonesia and other countries throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa access to plenty of content, ranging from Western movies to local TV series and, most importantly to this article, live streams of local sports (such as the Indonesian football league).

In a coup, iFlix has secured the rights to live stream the Mayweather vs McGregor fight in Indonesia (which is currently their biggest market).

You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of iFlix (no credit card required) which gives you full access to all of their content, including their live sports streams. Subscriptions are Rp 39,000 per month.

Venues showing the fight in Jakarta
If you want to enjoy the spectacle of Mayweather v. McGregor alongside your fellow fight fans, here’s a list of all the venues in Jakarta that we could confirm will be screening the fight Sunday morning. Many are offering special promos on breakfast and drinks as well.







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