Viral rap sensation Rich Chigga is the Godfather of suburbia in his latest music video 

Brian Immanuel, better known by his rap persona Rich Chigga, is the 17-year-old Jakartan who became a viral sensation earlier this year with his breakout song and music video “Dat $tick” (which has racked up over 27 million views on Youtube). The song first found success as a comedic oddity, but a reaction video featuring rap legends like Ghostface Killah, Desiigner and Tory Lanez praising Brian’s silky smooth flows ended up getting Chigga lots of legit street cred. He even did a remix of the song with Ghostface featuring what might be the most insane music video of the year.

Rich Chigga’s latest music video dropped yesterday and it’s for the song “Who Dat Be”. Unlike the over-the-top insanity that was the “Dat $tick Remix”, it’s comparatively low key and dark (though not without the odd comedic touch). Gone are the iconic pink polo shirt and fanny pack he wore in his breakout hit – this time Chigga is stone-faced in a black turtleneck circled by a dangling gold chain. The video seems to be set in the American suburbs (as opposed to those of Jakarta which he swaggered through in “Dat $tick”) and with scenes of Chigga ordering around motorcycle-helmeted minions and sitting on a couch petting a tiny puppy while rapping menacingly into the camera, it looks as if he is gangsta overlord planning a full-scale criminal takeover of his city.

But there’s apparently much more to the song than that. You can delve more into the layered meaning of “Who Dat Be” with these annotated lyrics from Genius (including some notes from Rich Chigga himself – you’ll never guess what he meant by ‘dicks’).

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