Viral: Moviegoer supposedly possessed by demon after watching The Conjuring 2 in Bandung

This is one occasion where you do not want life to imitate art.

Hollywood horror blockbuster ‘The Conjuring 2’ is one of the hottest movies in Indonesian cinemas right now, but one moviegoer seems to have gotten more spooks than she bargained for after she supposedly got possessed by some kind of screamy demon when the movie’s credits rolled. A short video of the incident went viral recently, showing the possession and a bunch of other moviegoers chanting prayers in an attempt to expel the demon.



Males Banget did some digging on social media and it appeared that the incident occurred in Bandung, according to a post on Path.

Screenshot from Males Banget

I was watching the movie when all of a sudden somebody screamed after being possessed. It was so scary, the whole theater [of people] ended up not watching the movie and the one who was possessed was escorted out of the theater.

Not only that, there was a ‘The Conjuring 2’-related ghostly happening in Jakarta as well. This viral social media post supposedly shows a mysterious kuntilanak-like figure photobombing a happy group of moviegoers as they were about to watch ‘The Conjuring 2’ in South Jakarta’s One Belpark mall.

Screenshot from Males Banget

These social media posts by no means confirm the existence of the supernatural. Some commenters on social media suggested that the video above was an old one, while others suspected that it was just a clever viral marketing stunt by the movie’s studio.

Marketing ploy or not, do you have the guts to watch ‘The Conjuring 2’ now?

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