WATCH: Indonesian otaku earn 1st place at World Cosplay Summit in Japan with effects-filled performance

The Japanese may have invented cosplay, but Indonesians have clearly mastered the art of dressing up as crazy cartoon characters as evidenced by their big win at one of the most prestigious cosplay competitions in the world last weekend.

The World Cosplay Summit(WCS), which has been running annually since 2003, involves teams representing countries from across the globe competing in an international costume-making competition celebrating Japanese pop culture. One thing that separates WCS from other cosplay competitions is that all of the contestants must cosplay characters from Japanese video games, manga or anime.


Representing Indonesia’s extremely passionate cosplay scene at this year’s competition in Nagoya, Japan, were Ryan Cyd and Frea Mai from Jakarta. They cosplayed as two characters from the vampire sci-fi series “Trinity Blood”, Cain Knightlord and Seth Nightlord.


Of course the thing that separates cosplay from costume making is “playing” the characters, and so performance is a big part of the competition as WCS. Ryan and Frea sealed this first place win with this stage show in which they reenacted a fight scene from “Trinity Blood” using a variety of special effects that also showed off their incredible costume making skills.

Congratulations to Ryan and Frea, you made a lot of Indonesian otaku very proud with your well-deserved win. We can’t wait to see what our incredible cosplayers cook up for next year.


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