SM Entertainment, agency behind K-pop acts Girls’ Generation and SHINee, opens Jakarta office

SM Entertainment, one of the largest Korean entertainment agencies, opens their Indonesia office. Photo: Twitter/@sobatnyaTY

K-pop’s become increasingly popular in many countries around the globe in recent years, and Indonesia is definitely one of them. Now fans in the country can feel closer to their oppas and unnies with the opening of an Indonesian office for SM Entertainment, one of the largest Korean entertainment agencies.

SM Entertainment birthed some of K-pop’s biggest stars, such as Girls’ Generation, SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet, and NCT. It’s no wonder then that the opening of the first Indonesia office, situated on the fifth floor of fX Sudirman mall in South Jakarta, has generated a great deal of excitement among the country’s K-pop fans, many of whom have already checked it out for themselves.


“Yes, SM Entertainment has just opened at fX Sudirman, but at the moment it only functions as their office,” fX Sudirman representative Yasmin told Viva yesterday.

But fans believe there will be more to the office, based on information going around from those who have visited the location. One fan, who says she spoke to SM staff members, says there will be a reception area for fans where they can buy SM artists’ goods and merchandise.


She also took some snaps from the office’s audition booth, where she claims SM will hold auditions (in their search for future K-pop idols from Indonesia, perhaps?).


There’s also an AR photobooth where fans can take pictures with digital versions of their idols, although it’s not clear if the photo booth is already open to the general public.


It appears the office is the realization of a deal signed between SM Entertainment and Indonesian media company Trans Media last year. The deal involves the two media giants cooperating on the creation of visual content, event production, advertising, merchandising and mobile platforms, and, most ambitious, birthing an Indonesian K-pop equivalent called I-pop.

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