Scaring Scary Spice earns Indonesian illusionist The Sacred Riana a spot in America’s Got Talent semi-finals

Screenshots: America’s Got Talent
Screenshots: America’s Got Talent

The Sacred Riana may be creepy as hell, but she’s also undoubtedly one of our most talented magicians and performers. The Indonesian illusionist, with few words but enormous stage presence, proved to be an unstoppable force when she vanquished all of her competitors on last year’s edition of regional TV talent competition Asia’s Got Talent to claim the grand prize. Now, she’s overseas competing in America’s Got Talent, where she just made the semi-finals following her second frightening performance on the show.

As seen in the video below, this time The Sacred Riana once again chose to focus her ghoulish attentions on musician Melanie Brown aka Mel B aka Scary Spice from the Spice Girls. We’ll let you see how that went for her…

Yep, apparently being Scary Spice doesn’t make you immune to getting scared. If Mel B’s reaction to Riana and her walkout weren’t genuine, then she’s a better actor than movie Spice World had led us to believe.

You can’t see it in the clip of her performance, but it was revealed at the end of the last AGT episode that she had been picked by the judges to enter the semifinals, meaning she placed within the top 36 within the competition.

‘We’ve never had a demon win America’s Got Talent,’ series creator and judge Simon said of Riana’s advancement during the episode.

In the next stage of the competition, contestants will perform live and their progress will be determined by audience votes instead of the judges.

So just who is The Sacred Riana? Well, as shrouded in mystery as she may seem, we can confirm that that the 25-year-old illusionist did not appear out of thin air. Her real name is Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani and she’s been performing in Indonesia, at magic shows and in numerous TV performances, for a few years now.

Here are a few of her earlier local performances we dug up online.

If you’re still convinced she’s actually a malevolent spirit in human form, you can see her out-of-character acting like a regular person in this interview.

There’s a chance that The Sacred Riana may become the first person ever to win both Asia’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent. Despite being terrified of her ourselves, we wish her the best of luck.

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