Ryan Thamrin, host of Indonesia’s Dr Oz medical TV show, passes away at 39

Ryan Thamrin. Photo: Instagram/@dr_ryanthamrin

Fans of the popular “Dr Oz” medical TV show, which was adapted in Indonesia from its original American version, were shocked to learn that the show’s host, Ryan Thamrin, passed away in Pekanbaru, Riau, this morning.

Numerous media outlets in Indonesia reported that they had received information about the 39-year-old’s passing from sources close to him. The news was later confirmed by Reisa Broto Asmoro, Thamrin’s co-host in the show, on Instagram:


The cause of Thamrin’s death has not been revealed to the public. But those close to him believe that he has been suffering from an illness for some time.

“I heard he was sick. When I asked friends, they said he had an illness, but nobody knew what it was. When I went to Pekanbaru, I was advised against visiting him,” said actress Lula Kamal, as quoted by Liputan 6.

Thamrin won the “Abang None” pageant in Jakarta in 2003 before embarking on a career in the entertainment industry. He was also a practicing doctor specializing in sexual health and cosmetic procedures.

With Thamrin serving as the show’s host, “Dr Oz Indonesia” tackled important medical topics such as the somewhat taboo topic of female circumcision (though that particular episode caused controversy after the TV network blurred out illustrations of the vagina, which were shown for educational purposes).

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