Popular Indonesian Youtuber gets flak from neighbors, netizens for allegedly filming amid social distancing advisory

Indonesian Youtuber Ria Ricis is accused of breaking no-crowds rule by filming a video with a large crew. She denied the accusation. Screenshot from Youtube/Ria Ricis
Indonesian Youtuber Ria Ricis is accused of breaking no-crowds rule by filming a video with a large crew. She denied the accusation. Screenshot from Youtube/Ria Ricis

Ria Ricis, an Indonesian Youtuber popular among the younger generation, has been called out by neighbors and netizens for allegedly going ahead with a video shoot recently, despite calls from government officials to practice social distancing as part of an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia.

Ria’s decision to ignore the advisory was documented by a neighbor, identified as Henny Myranda, who captured the 24-year-old’s latest video shoot and went on to share it on Facebook and Twitter. Henny said that Ria’s shoot involved dozens of crew members, as seen in the photos and videos she uploaded.

“Please ya if anyone knows Lambe Turah or […] the police. Ria Ricis has been outrageous. She has been warned multiple times by neighbors not to invite crowds, but she kept on shooting with many crew members without the residents’ permission and has been disturbing us!” Henny tweeted.

She also mentioned that only hours prior to the shoot, the residential complex had just been sprayed by disinfectants and that the police had been on patrol around the neighborhood to remind residents of the ban on social gatherings.

Henny’s post quickly gained traction online, especially after her friend, designer Didiet Maulana, called out Ria without naming her on Instagram.

“You’ve got TENS OF MILLIONS of Instagram followers. I’m really disappointed in you. Having lots of followers means that you are trusted to spread good things,” Didiet wrote in the caption.

Ria’s manager, Riri, reasoned that Ria has received a permit to shoot the video from the chief of the residential complex. She added that Henny had entered Ria’s house without permission last year, during which she was also giving the Youtuber a warning.

“The neighborhood chief said as long as [the shoot] doesn’t occupy the road or disturb other people, it was permitted. The shooting was not a [complicated] one, as shooting for Youtube [videos] would definitely involve crew members anyway,” Riri said yesterday, as quoted by Kompas.

Yesterday, Ria uploaded a video on Youtube titled, “What actually happened… swarmed by the residents?” that showed her house being empty.

In addition, she also took to Instagram live yesterday to give her side of the story, explaining that the shoot took place at an outdoor studio in South Jakarta and that the crew members were gathered at her house after they finished filming.

“When it happened, we ordered bakso (meatball soup) at my house. We intended to help the bakso seller, because we took pity on him. But then it happened. Whatever, I’m so confused,” Ria said during the live session.

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