Please Mi: Condom brand Fiesta launches fried noodles-flavored rubber in Indonesia

Fiesta’s Mi Goreng-flavored condom. Photo: Instagram/@fiestacondoms
Fiesta’s Mi Goreng-flavored condom. Photo: Instagram/@fiestacondoms

Indonesians’ love towards Indomie’s Mi Goreng instant fried noodles has taken on a twisted and orgasmic new meaning with the launch of a new condom by Fiesta.

The condom brand yesterday posted a promotional pic of its new Mi Goreng-flavored rubber for the Indonesian market, with the condom’s packaging closely mimicking that of the beloved instant noodle.

Not only that, Fiesta wrote in the caption, “one is not enough, two is still insufficient,” adding sexual flavor to the old adage about how two packs of Indomie’s Mi Goreng do not make a large enough portion for most.

Yet we still can’t help but wonder if anyone would be sane enough to stuff something so spicy and savory in their hoo-ha.

Now, like you, we are a little suspicious that the product dropped so close to April 1, but it must be noted that Fiesta says the condom is available now at Indonesian online marketplaces. However, we have not found evidence of the Mi Goreng condom being sold online as of the time of this publication.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the Mi Goreng condom is real, as Fiesta is known to be adventurous with its flavors in the past, with its back catalog consisting of durian and energy drinks-flavored condoms. The Mi Goreng condom is part of three new additions to Fiesta’s rubber lineup, the other two being an iced coffee-flavored condom and an as of yet unannounced chili-flavored condom.

We have reached out to Fiesta for confirmation on whether these are real or part of an elaborate April Fool’s joke.

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