Minions take over the KRL Commuterline

As an increasingly important movie market, Hollywood studios have recently been investing a lot more money in marketing their films to Indonesian audiences. Earlier this summer, Marvel Studios made Luna Maya Indonesia’s own official Black Widow and now, Universal Studios has unleashed a horde of Minions on unsuspecting passengers on the KRL Commuterline.

Minions are of course the cute one-eyed yellow monsters who became the breakout stars of the “Despicable Me” movies that are also getting their very own spinoff movie this summer.

According to IMDB, Indonesia will be the very first country in the world to screen Minions, starting this Weds (June 17), ahead of Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, which won’t get the animated film until Thursday. And audiences in the US won’t get the film until July 10.

So it’s no wonder Universal Studios is going all out to raise awareness about the movie amongst Indonesian audiences. Not only did they deck out some of the KRL Commuterline trains with Minions-themed decor….

…. they also had a horde of Minion visit Manggarai station.

Perhaps another reason for Minions fever hitting Indonesia is the fact that one of the film’s co-director, Pierre Coffin, is half-Indonesian. Not only did he do the original designs for the Minions in “Despicable Me,” he even snuck some Indonesian into the Minions’ gibberish language.

“Minions” is playing at Blitzmegaplex and 21 Cinemas starting tomorrow.

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