JKT48 star Shani reports Twitter user to police over sexual favors accusation

JKT48 member Shani Indira Natio. Photo: Instagram/@jkt48shani
JKT48 member Shani Indira Natio. Photo: Instagram/@jkt48shani

One of the most popular members of idol group JKT48, Shani Indira Natio, has filed a police report against an anonymous Twitter user for starting an online rumor that she offered sex in exchange for more spotlight. 

The controversy started last week, when JKT48 fans took to Twitter to discuss why certain members of the group are given more parts or more frequently placed at the center of the group’s dance performances. Amid the online chatter, an account with the username @kazeo_77 accused Shani, as well as fellow members Gracia and Feni, of having given sexual favors with the group’s management in order to become the more prominent faces of the group. 

The user’s baseless accusation sparked widespread protests from other JKT48 fans, which eventually prompted them to report to JKT48 management. Last Saturday, JKT48’s operations team sent a warning via DM to @kazeo_77, and demanded that they delete said tweet and post a public apology.

As the warning was met with radio silence from @kazeo_77, Shani and her group’s management have since filed a report against the user to the Jakarta Metro Police for defamation through electronic media. As of today, user @kazeo_777 appears to have deleted their account.

JKT48’s management said Shani is in “good health and not traumatized” by the whole incident. Shani, who’s 23 years old, recently tweeted to thank her fans and urged people to be responsible when using social media.

“Hello, I’d like to thank everyone for their prayers and support. Hopefully this matter can serve as a lesson for all of us to be wise in using social media, and hopefully there will be no more similar occurrences like this in the future for our common good and comfort,” Shani’s tweet reads.

This is sadly not the first time for JKT48 members to receive such disgraceful treatment from their so-called fans. In November of last year, former member Aurel reportedly received a DM containing an unsolicited indecent photo along with a lewd message from an anonymous Instagram user, which prompted her to file a police report. However, it appears that the case was not resolved even up until Aurel’s resignation from the group in December.

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