Influencer Anya Geraldine threatens legal action against hoax spreader after she was linked to nude photos of look-alike

Indonesian insta-celeb Anya Geraldine. Photo: Instagram/@anyageraldine
Indonesian insta-celeb Anya Geraldine. Photo: Instagram/@anyageraldine

It’s been an eventful few days in terms of celebrity scandals in Indonesia. Anya Geraldine, one of the most popular social media influencers in the country, says she’s going to the police after some viral nude photos of a woman were said to be of the insta-celeb.

The photos surfaced this morning, showing a naked woman in a hotel room. The woman may look like Anya at first glance, but she looks nothing like the influencer upon closer inspection. 

Regardless, the term “Anya” became a top trending topic on social media today, filled with overjoyed creeps sharing the photos, and, unrelated to this story, posts related to The Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy.

But many also refused to believe Anya’s involvement in the scandal, saying that the woman in the photos is a bad look-alike at best.

“They’re different people, you bastards! Whoever’s spreading that that is my beloved Anya I hope your penis won’t be able to stand up forever! Dog!” the user above tweeted.

Anya took to Twitter to flat out deny that she was the woman in the photos, and threatened legal action against the person who started the accusation.

“Oh, someone is spreading a hoax to take advantage [of an issue] that’s going viral. The account who’s saying that the woman who looks like me is me, do you really want to be reported to the police? Your action is really inappropriate,” Anya tweeted today.

The viral issue she was referring to was the supposed leak of sex tapes of actresses Gisel Anastasia and Jessica Iskandar, both of which surfaced and went hugely viral over the weekend. There are ample indications that both videos may also feature their look-alikes.

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Anya threw further caution to the hoax spreader, retweeting celebrity chef Arnold Poernomo, who said that he has bagged the identity of the culprit, and posting a screenshot from a chat in which her friend said they have notified the police.

The police have yet to issue a public statement regarding this case.

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