Indonesian singer arrested for drug trafficking says abuse was ‘God’s will’

Zul Zivilia and his wife, Retno Paradinah. Photo: Instagram/@retnoparadinah
Zul Zivilia and his wife, Retno Paradinah. Photo: Instagram/@retnoparadinah

An Indonesian singer on trial for drug trafficking and drug use has seemingly come to accept that his arrest was part of God’s divine plan, as he faces potentially severe penalties for his alleged crimes.

Zulkifli, popularly known as Zul Zivilia, was the frontman of a pop band named Zivilia. Zul has been detained in Jakarta’s Cipinang Penitentiary since his arrest earlier this year, but, after a court appearance yesterday, the musician doesn’t seem fazed by any punishment that awaits as he believes that everything has been determined by God.

“Me using drugs was also by God’s will,” Zul told reporters after his trial at the North Jakarta District Court yesterday, as quoted by Okezone.

The singer, who, along with his band, shot to fame in 2009 with a single titled Aishiteru, also said there was a silver lining to his arrest.

“I really regret everything, but this is something good and bad at the same time. Whatever the sentence is, hopefully it will be the best that God gives to me,” he said.

Zul was arrested on March 1 at an apartment in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta in a massive drug bust. Police confiscated 50,000 ecstasy pills and 50.6 kilograms of meth from Zul, as well as IDR310 million (US$22,135) in cash. 

Police determined that Zul was one of eight dealers in a drug ring, which the suspect admitted to being involved in since 2018. Evidence also confirmed that Zul was a user. Under Indonesia’s notoriously harsh drug laws, Zul and the eight other suspects on trial may face the death penalty for drug trafficking.


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