Indonesian rapper Rich Chigga teams up with Ghostface Killah (!) for the MOST INSANE music video of the year

When 16-year-old Jakartan Brian Immanuel uploaded a music video for his song “Dat $tick” under his rap moniker Rich Chigga in February, the Internet knew it was amazing but wasn’t exactly sure what to make of it. The juxtaposition of a skinny Asian teen from Indonesia wearing a pink polo shirt, khaki shorts and fanny pack while spitting hardocre gangsta trap was undeniably hilarious, which helped turn it into a viral phenomenon – it’s got nearly 20 million views on Youtube now.

But Rich Chigga didn’t really blow up until 88rising put out a video in July showing rap stars such as Tory Lanez, Desiigner and Cam’ron reacting to “Dat $tick” with much amusement but also genuine praise for Brian’s sick flows. The highest praise came from Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah, who declared Rich Chigga “dope” multiple times and even said he was down to get in on the remix for “Dat $tick” (you can hear him say it at 3:35):

As much as he seemed to genuinely love the track, nobody really thought that such an unbelievably unlikely collaboration would ever happen between Ghostface Killah and Rich Chigga.

But they were all wrong. The “Dat $tick Remix” featuring Ghostface Killah (and rising Miami rap star Pouya) is here. It really happened. It’s gloriously insane and, fair warning, pretty NSFW:

From the moment Rich Chigga rolls in on a flaming hoverboard, you know that this video is going to be next level, and it only escalates from there. Pouyah drops in and spits from in a flying robot suit before shifting to Brian sitting in the back of a strip club (inside a pimped out oplet?) when Ghostface’s head floats in and then morphs onto Rich Chiggas body. Soon the Chigga/Killah fusion rapper has a tongue coming out of its fanny pack while strippers gyrate and shoot projectiles in every direction and frankly the rest of it is too outlandish for us to be able to describe here.

As Indonesians, we are undeniably proud to have one of our own entering the highest level of the game, rapping alongside a living legend like Ghostface. We still can’t understand quite how such a miraculous thing came to happen, but we love that we live in a world where it’s possible.

Watch the original video for “Dat $tick” here and read our profile to discover how a teenager from Jakarta became one of the hardest rappers alive today.

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