Indonesian illusionist Demian Aditya’s assistant reportedly severely injured during failed ‘death drop’ stunt

Indonesian illusionist Demian Aditya. Photo: Instagram/@_demianaditya_
Indonesian illusionist Demian Aditya. Photo: Instagram/@_demianaditya_

Indonesian illusionist Demian Aditya shot to global fame earlier this year when he freaked out Simon Cowell and the other judges on “America’s Got Talent”, but he has since returned to perform his death-defying stunts in Indonesia, the latest of which has become the topic of much worried speculation due to concerns that it went horribly wrong and causing severe injuries to one of his assistants.

Today, Instagram gossip account @lambe_turah posted a video taken from a live show for national TV station SCTV last night, in which Demian performed his “death drop” stunt. Fans of Demian should be familiar with the stunt, in which he is supposed to escape from being locked into a casket before it falls onto a bed of spike below, as he performed it during the quarterfinals of AGT (albeit with an anticlimactic ending as the casket failed to drop before his big reveal, leading to his exit from the competition).

But last night during SCTV’s event, the casket did drop onto the upward pointing sharp metal rods below.

(You can swipe right to see the video, but we have to warn you, it is quite disturbing)

Judging by the panicked reactions of the show’s hosts, it appears that something went horribly wrong. Many believe that Demian’s double, Edison Wardhana, was still inside the casket when it fell as he failed to make his escape in time while Demian was waiting elsewhere to make his reveal.

Neither SCTV nor Demian’s management have so far confirmed whether the accident actually took place, which is raising suspicions that the accident was real and not simply another part of the act. Furthermore, Demian has switched off the comments section on his Instagram ever since the alleged incident.

The closest we have to an official statement comes from a close friend of Edison, who told Viva that the stuntman has regained consciousness but is unable to speak because he’s still hooked to life support.

Some media outlets in Indonesia have reported on social media rumors that Edison fell into a coma due to a punctured lung and fractured spine, amongst other injuries, though their is no official confirmation for that information.

Until there is official confirmation of what actually took place on the SCTV stage last night, the possibility that this is still all part of an elaborate act remains. But if in fact it really was an accident involving one of Demian’s team then we can only hope he manages to make a full recovery.

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