Indonesian celebrity chef doxxes underage girl who wished miscarriage upon his wife

Indonesian celebrity chef Arnold Poernomo. Photo: Instagram/@arnoldpo
Indonesian celebrity chef Arnold Poernomo. Photo: Instagram/@arnoldpo

Doxxing happens quite often on social media in Indonesia, with privacy concerns often thrown out the window by parties involved in online conflicts. Worryingly, children seem to increasingly be the target of doxxing when they misbehave on social media, with some recent high-profile cases involving Indonesian celebrities who should really know better.

The latest such incident involves Indonesian celebrity chef Arnold Poernomo and his wife, Tiffany Soetanto, who are currently expecting their first child. Just like many would-be parents, they have shared their excitement on Instagram by posting photos of baby bumps, among others.

While most netizens sent the couple congratulations and well wishes, one netizen left a cruel comment on Tiffany’s post above by asking, “Kapan keguguran?” (When will you have a miscarriage?)”

Angered, Arnold went on a quest to identify the commenter and exposed her identity in a series of stories on Instagram yesterday, one of which saw him threatening to report her to the police.

In the posts, Arnold mentioned the girl’s name and posted photos of her — photos that clearly seemed to indicate she was very young and almost certainly not even a teenager.

“I know who you are, I’ll find you,” the Masterchef Indonesia judge wrote in his post, presumably channeling Liam Neeson from Taken.

Arnold also posted a selfie in front of a police station, heavily hinting that he was serious about reporting the girl to the police. That said, there have been no reports of him actually going through with it, so far.

“You are a woman, you’ll get married and pregnant someday. Pregnancy is a blessing from God (remember, pregnancy in a legal marriage) so don’t throw rude jokes like that even once. One day you will understand it but I guess today you should learn and don’t be nosy,” Arnold wrote in a post.

The girl has set her Instagram account to private since Arnold’s posts. Many netizens have praised the chef for shaming the girl online, while only few have called him out for doxxing her.

“Chef Arnold is so amazing. The lamest of the lame are those who deactivate their account when caught,” one netizen tweeted in support of the celebrity chef.

While it’s certainly disturbing to see a young girl wishing the tragedy of a miscarriage upon a total stranger, doxxing her and exposing her to the abuse of internet strangers is arguably a morally reprehensible thing to do as well.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time an Indonesian celebrity has doxxed an underage person who harassed them on social media.

Last month, fitness influencer/former beauty queen Sabrina Chairunnisa and her famous fiancé, magician-turned-presenter Deddy Corbuzier, doxxed a high school student who sent Sabrina vulgar DMs on Instagram. Despite publicly shaming the alleged harasser into making an apology on Youtube, Sabrina and Deddy might have picked on the wrong guy since he allegedly did not send the DMs himself, but his friend did.

There is no specific law that punishes doxxing in Indonesia, but the case could be made that it qualifies as defamation under the Information and Electronic Transactions Act, which carries a maximum sentence of six years in prison.

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