Indonesian celeb Enzy Storia out to catch netizen over lewd photo edit ‘to serve their fantasy’

Indonesian TV host/actress Enzy Storia. Photo: Instagram/@enzystoria
Indonesian TV host/actress Enzy Storia. Photo: Instagram/@enzystoria

Sexual harassment, in any form, should never be taken lightly, and Indonesian TV host/actress Enzy Storia recently signaled this by vowing to take action against the person who edited her photo in a lewd manner.

Enzy revealed the matter on Twitter to her 614K followers, though she has yet to name the perpetrator.

“Someone sent me a link, there’s a Twitter account who edited a photo [of me] to serve their fantasy. If you don’t remove that photo, I will see you at the police station,” Enzy’s tweet reads.

“May Allah punish [the perpetrator] … They were given minds but they didn’t use it properly,” Enzy wrote in another tweet.

Enzy did not say which of her photos was repurposed for the male gaze.

Netizens reacted by voicing their support for the 28-year-old celebrity, and further encouraged her to file a lawsuit should she find the person responsible for the edit.

Indonesia’s Information and Electronic Transactions Act (UU ITE) punishes online defamation ⁠— which this case may fall under ⁠— with up to four years’ imprisonment.

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