Indonesian actress Raline Shah says disgraced K-pop star Seungri just ‘a friend’ after their photos appeared in South Korean media

Indonesian actress Raline Shah with former K-pop star Seungri pictured together during the latter’s birthday party in Palawan, The Philippines, in 2017. Photo: Instagram/@ralineshah

Aside from being one of Indonesia’s top actors, Raline Shah is also known for having an extensive selfie collection with globally renowned stars such as Michelle Yeoh, Rami Malek and Lady Gaga that she met at Hollywood gala premieres and other exclusive parties. But recently, Raline has had to deny rumors that she had any involvement or knowledge in a criminal scandal because of her photos with disgraced K-pop star Seungri.

Photos of Raline and the former BIGBANG member were published recently by South Korean media outlets in their stories about the police investigation into the latter’s birthday party, held in Palawan, the Philippines, back in 2017. It’s known that Raline attended the event and had photos taken with Seungri.

Today, Raline issued a statement distancing herself from the scandal surrounding Seungri as she denied any knowledge of his alleged criminal wrongdoings.

“Seungri is my friend. And I’m also friends with other artists in Korea and other countries. My communication and friendship [with Seungri] only revolved around entertainment or social life. To be honest I don’t know about his business and other things that were related to him,” Raline told CNN Indonesia today

Raline said many other celebrities were also invited to the same birthday party.

“It was a big party, involving a lot of international celebrities, not only me, but I cannot name them one by one. I think it was just a normal event, because it was a birthday party with some close friends, even his family members were also there too,” Raline said.

Raline added that she’s aware Seungri is currently undergoing several investigations on multiple charges, from alleged prostitution service, embezzlement, police bribery, as well as his alleged participation in the spread of illicit spy cam sex videos.

“I don’t want to be involved in this matter. Once again, I believe in the legal process. I will always support proper and correct legal proceedings,” Raline told Detik today.

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Seungri has had a dramatic fall from grace over the past few months after allegations surfaced recently of sexual assault, physical assault and illegal drug use at the Burning Sun nightclub — which Seungri sits on the board of — as well as his alleged participation in the spread illicit spy cam sex videos featuring Korean celebrities.

Amid the scandal and the ongoing police investigation, Seungri has announced his retirement from the entertainment industry. He also had a solo concert in Jakarta planned for March 17, which was cancelled despite tickets selling out fast in February.

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