EPIC: Headscarf wearing teen girl from Bandung absolutely slays heavy metal “Lamb of God” guitar cover

At a time when radical extremist killers are giving all of Islam a bad name, it’s good for the world to be reminded how incredibly diverse and multifaceted the practitioners of the Muslim faith truly are.

Take, for example,  Meliani Siti Sumartini, a 15-year-old girl from Bandung who wears a traditional jilbab. If you saw her walking down the street, you’d probably never guess that she was in fact a young guitar-shredding metalhead goddess who has the chops to straight up annihilate the finger-burning riffs of Lamb of Gods’ “Hourglass.”

But that’s exactly what she is.


Although Mel put the video of her axe mastery up on Youtube back in March, it only recently started getting the world’s attention with posts on sites such as Metal Injection  and Reddit  (where she was incorrectly identified as Malaysian).

Mel has a few more metal covers up on her Youtube page :


She’s also apparently learning the special breathing techniques required to scream-sing metal songs properly:


Mel probably didn’t set out to be some sort of example of modern Islam with her videos – it seems like she’s just a girl who really, really loves to rock.

But if she gets some people to reconsider their stereotypes about Muslims while she’s melting their faces with her sick shredding, than that just makes her even more awesome, right?

Surely Mel has got a bright future ahead of her – look how far that other famous Indonesian Lamb of God fan has gone in life.

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