Celebrity lawyer Sunan Kalijaga sues daughter’s friend for defamation for posting video allegedly exposing her underwear

Celebrity lawyer Sunan Kalijaga and his daughter Salmafina. Photo: Instagram/@salmafinasunan
Celebrity lawyer Sunan Kalijaga and his daughter Salmafina. Photo: Instagram/@salmafinasunan

Most girls just wanna have fun without being taken to court, but that is what could happen to one woman in Indonesia for her alleged role in sharing “scandalous” photos of a friend from a night out together.

A video of Instagram celebrity Salmafina Sunan at a nightclub went viral over the past weekend. In the video, the 19-year-old daughter of celebrity lawyer Sunan Kalijaga was seemingly drunk and a part of what seems to be her underwear was unintentionally exposed to the camera while she was sitting down. Salmafina’s friend, Maulida Riani Putri, uploaded the video to her Instagram story.

On Monday, Sunan reported Maulida to the Jakarta Metro Police for online defamation over the unintentional underwear shot.

Upon finding out that she has been reported to the police, Maulida left a comment on an Instagram post by Sunan, saying she was surprised at how things unfolded given that she, along with Salmafina and another friend, had personally apologized to him and his family for uploading the video.

Om, why do I feel like I’m being cornered? Our initial deal was that me, @salmafinasunan, and @gabriellagozally apologized together because we all had a role in damaging you and your family’s good name. But why am I the only one who’s been made the guilty party?” Maulida wrote to Sunan, as picked up by Detik on Monday. 

If Maulida is found guilty of violating Indonesia’s draconian Law on Electronic Information and Transaction (UU ITE), which makes any kind of electronic message that could possibly be considered defamatory, she could potentially face up to four years in prison or a fine of IDR750 million (~US$52,800).

Salmafina, who has caused a stir in the Indonesian entertainment world recently for her spontaneous marriage to a young ustadz (Islamic cleric) that only lasted five months as well as her decision to take off her hijab, was criticized by a number of netizens, with some going so far as to accuse her of removing her veil so she could go clubbing again.

In an Instagram story post, as picked up by Detik, Salmafina denied she was intoxicated in the video, saying that she was just dancing carelessly. She also wrote that her boyshorts, which she had on under her dress, were what was exposed, not her underwear.

That said, it remains to be seen whether or not Sunan will go through with the defamation report against Maulida.

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