Actress Nikita Mirzani slams celebs for not protecting privacy of underage #JusticeforAudrey assault victim

Indonesian actress Nikita Mirzani. Photo: Instagram/@nikitamirzanimawardi_17
Indonesian actress Nikita Mirzani. Photo: Instagram/@nikitamirzanimawardi_17

It seems like everybody in Indonesia is talking about the #JusticeForAudrey assault case, including some of the country’s celebrities who have visited Audrey themselves and posted photos and videos of the visit on their social media pages. But one actress, Nikita Mirzani, has become the voice of reason after she called out her fellow celebs for failing to protect the privacy of the alleged victim, who is still 14.

“They knew that the victim is an underage girl, who’s 14 years old. So many people (celebrities) visited her to give support or whatever the reason is. They confidently posted Audrey’s picture. Where are their brains? Do you really have to show her picture, when you should’ve covered her face? Just focus on the case,” Nikita wrote on an Instagram story she posted yesterday.

In the next post, Nikita mentioned that she saw an uncensored picture of Audrey on one musician’s Instagram feed, which people have deducted to be Seventeen frontman Riefian Fajarsyah AKA Ifan. It seems that Ifan has taken down said post and replaced it with a video of him talking to Audrey, whose face is now blurred.

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Sementara perkembangan kasus pembullyan terhadap ananda Audrey sendiri sedang berjalan, dan InsyaAllah prosesnya lancar. Tapi tetep minta doanya ya teman-teman, semoga pelaku mendapatkan hukuman yang seadil2nya tanpa ada intervensi dari siapapun. Untuk beberapa berita simpang siur yang tersebar mohon tidak ditanggapi terlalu besar sebelum ada klarifikasi lebih lanjut dari pihak keluarga • Dan juga minta doanya mudah2an ananda Audrey segera dapat tersenyum dan sehat kembali seperti semula, bismillah • Perihal video walaupun ananda Audrey sendiri yang meminta untuk tidak diblur, akhirnya saya putuskan untuk diblur agar kita lebih fokus pada penyelesaian kasus ini sendiri, bukan pada masalah-masalah lain. Tetep minta tolong doanya agar kasus ini dapat selesai dengan seadil2nya sehingga tidak ada kasus Audrey Audrey lainnya di negri ini

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Another notable celebrity who published Audrey’s face was Youtuber Atta Halilintar, who has also replaced his post with a censored version. As written in his caption, Atta said he canceled all of his plans and was touched to find out that Audrey is actually a fan of his.

Gaming Youtuber-turned-rapper Reza ‘Arap’ Oktovian also posted footage from his video call with Audrey on his Instagram and Twitter. The video, which doesn’t hide Audrey’s face, is still up as of this afternoon.

Both Ifan and Atta claimed that they were given permission from Audrey and her family to publish her face. However, that claim seems dubious — in Nikita’s Instagram post below, Audrey’s mother made a plea to everyone who visited her daughter not to expose the girl’s face.

“To everyone who visited Audrey, who took pictures or video. Poor Audrey, you can be concerned about her but please blur her face to protect her privacy,” the mother says in the video.

Nikita also posted a screenshot of articles from Indonesia’s Juvenile Justice System, which prohibits images of children from being published in criminal cases.

“Here’s [something] to make you all become smarter, don’t only think about making content. [Consider] what it’ll be like for the victim as she grows up? What about her case?…  You guys are really craving praise,” Nikita wrote in the caption above.

None of the celebrities Nikita called out have publicly responded to her.

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Audrey, a middle school girl from Pontianak, West Kalimantan, was allegedly assaulted by the 12 girls on March 29 over some Facebook comments she wrote about one of the alleged assailants’ boyfriends. Audrey’s story became the talk of the country this week after details about the assault went viral on social media, such as the brutal allegations that they smashed her head against the pavement while one assailant bruised her genitalia in her attempt to take away her virginity. In many posts about the case, the girls’ identities and photos were fully exposed.

The police’s medical examination of Audrey negated many of the gruesome details about her alleged assault that went viral, but three of the 12 girls have already been charged with violation of Indonesia’s child protection laws.

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