5 unique experiences you won’t find anywhere but Western Australia


We have your attention, so we assume that you’re up for a little adventure. You’ve come to the right place, mate! Scroll down to see all the amazing experiences that await in Australia’s Golden State, aka Western Australia.Photo: Tourism Australia

Explore the tropical paradise of Rottnest Island

The beautiful island of Rottnest is just 25 minutes by ferry from Fremantle. (So what if the name means Rat Island, it’s still beautiful, ok?) Those first Dutch explorers must have been shocked to find the place filled with furry little Quokkas. Now, the “world’s happiest animals” are attracting a lot of attention. (Google #quokkaselfie and add a little cuteness to your day).

There is a lot to explore on Rottnest Island. Grab a bike and ride or climb up to Wadjemup Lighthouse and be amazed by the panoramic views of the endless blue Indian Ocean. Discover the world under water, either with Western Australia’s famous custom-built semi-submersible vessel or by snorkelling. You’ll be surrounded by marine animals, colorful coral, and historic shipwrecks. Go whale watching at the West End Boardwalk. It’s all up to you!

Photo: Tourism Australia

Hike through natural wonders at Kalbarri National Park

We can’t let you leave WA if you don’t have a stunning photo of yourself at Nature’s Window in Kalbarri National Park. This iconic creation of nature is situated near the starting point of famous walking trail, The Loop—one that we highly recommend you try. With a total distance of 9km from the cliff to down to the gorge, it takes you through a majestic millenia of rock formations untouched nature, colorful wildflowers, and peaceful riverbanks. This is the kind of experience that will quench any adventurous soul. Besides The Loop, you should also check out the Z-Bend, well-known for its picturesque view of Murchison River Gorge, or take in the views over a picnic at Hawk’s Head. Explore the park yourself and you’ll see why it’s a bucket list-worthy experience.

Photo: Wikicommons

Take a flight and be mesmerized by Lake Hillier

Where else on Earth could you fit the deep blue ocean and a hot pink lake in one photo? Why, WA of course! Located on Middle Island off the Coral Coast, Lake Hillier is known for its famous pink hue. The only way to really take in this striking scene is to go up, up and away and get a bird’s eye view. Hop on board and enjoy!

Adventure to the Pinnacles

Take a day trip from Perth to the other-worldly landscape of the Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park. Following the Indian Ocean Drive, you can stop to meet friendly kangaroos, try sandboarding and taste Cervantes’ famous seafood delicacy, succulent lobster. If you’re travelling between July and October, you’ll see Western Australia in full colour, as the coastal landscapes are filled with the blooms of spring wildflowers.

Located a two hour drive north of Perth, the lunar-like Pinnacles form one of Australia’s most unique and fascinating natural landscapes. Formed over millions of years, thousands of tall limestone spires rise eerily out of the yellow desert sands of Nambung National Park. Along the way, head to the Lancelin sand dune for an injection of adrenaline.

Swim with wild dolphins

Just a 45 minute drive south of Perth, organised tours will take you for a swim with wild dolphins in the sheltered waters of Rockingham and neighbouring Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. Swimming with these intelligent and playful creatures in their natural environment is a truly magical day you’ll never forget. If you get back to shore early, you can take a short drive south and hop on a five-minute ferry ride or a 45-minute wildlife cruise to explore more of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park – home to Western Australia’s largest colony of little penguins, as well as rare Australian sea lions and seabirds.

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