5 reasons why planning a trip ahead of time is a really good idea

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Easy there, we know you’re aiming to close out Q4 well above expectations (go get that year-end bonus!), but you’ve worked too hard to not reward yourself. Start planning the vacation of your dreams now with these five tips and you’ll be sure to save time and money when the sweet relief of your holiday arrives. Praise be!

Photo: Pina Messina on Unsplash
Photo: Pina Messina on Unsplash

1. Budgeting organized

If you know which destination you have your eyes on, you’ll know how much you need to save. Much more straightforward than that old chicken and egg conundrum. Identifying your vacation spot (beachside in Solo or Bali, perhaps?) and sticking to your choice will let you budget for flights, expenses, and accommodation, and all the food you can feast on!

Photo: Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on Pexels
Photo: Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on Pexels

2. Day (or night) saving

Trust us when we say time flies when you’re on vacay (as opposed to time dragging on forever at work). You need to savor every second. So, creating an itinerary more or less helps you stay sharp when it comes to enjoying activities during vacation. And if you miss an activity for whatever reason, you always have a plan b to make traveling so much more efficient. Tip: check out apps below that’ll help save time.

Photo by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash
Photo by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash

3. Don’t miss a thing

Have you ever arrived at a fancy restaurant in a new city only to be told that you can’t get in because they’re fully booked? (Especially horrible when you need to impress your date.) The same rules apply to traveling. Make reservations — not just for flights and hotels, but to restaurants, tours, and all the travel-savvy places you learn about as you itinerize (See point 2.). Check ahead of time and see if places close on special occasions (like national or religious days).

Photo: Sebastian Hietsch on Unsplash
Photo: Sebastian Hietsch on Unsplash

4. Make it ‘app’en

We’ve listed a couple of must-have (and FREE) apps that’ll help you stay fly when you travel.

Google Trips: For when you need to plan where to go and what to do in a city, and it syncs to your other Google apps like calendar and map.

Maps.me: Assuming Google Maps is a given, this is a major time saver when you need to go from point A to B, with friendlier interface, and works when you don’t have internet access (be sure to download city map ahead of time).

Packpoint: Never worry about being forgetful again (hallelujah!). Make an easy checklist of what you came with and leave with everything intact.

XE Currency: Does foreign currency feel like Monopoly money? It’s fine — just use this app to make fuss-free calculations for how much things cost when you travel.

5. Incentives maximized

Take full advantage of deals offered in the pre-sales period to save more and get guaranteed perks like free breakfasts, pick-up rides and such. According to a survey by cheapair.com, you should book flights 6-11 weeks ahead of time to get the best deals.

If you’re thinking of traveling to top spots around Indonesia, My TAUZIA Privilege (MTP) is the most efficient way to save a whole lot more. More of what? Well…more saving on rooms (up to 40%), breakfast discount, save on spa therapies (who doesn’t need to relax, right?), and you can redeem your mileage on Garuda Indonesia by spending TAUZIA points — a special privilege that lets you get up to 2,000 miles (approximately a flight to Ho Chi Minh or Bangkok).

What are you waiting for? Apply yourself with these 5 tips on your soon-to-be getaway trip and take advantage of the perks, like My TAUZIA Privilege (MTP) to make big saves.

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