The most ambitious crossover in munchies history? Indomie to release Chitato potato chips-flavored instant noodle

Potato chip-flavored instant noodles? You heard it right — Indomie will release a special edition ‘mie goreng’ to celebrate Chitato’s 30th anniversary, and it will taste just like the beef barbeque variant of the snack. Photo: Twitter

Looking at some of the Indomie flavors that have been released in recent months  — like Mie Ayam Geprek and Salted Egg — we can’t help but think of that quote from Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park and worry that the instant noodle gods are so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

And now, it looks like Indomie will be testing our devotion to the brand once more with the imminent release of a — gulp — potato chip-flavored instant noodles.

After the release of the much-hyped Indomie Goreng-flavored Chitato potato chips in 2016, we are now going to see a reverse of the crossover featuring the two beloved Indonesian brands, which are both owned by Indofood. 

Yesterday, Indonesian social media went into MSG-fueled hype mode after some people posted photos of the new funky flavor. Some wondered whether it was a glutton’s dream come true or some sort of glitch in the Matrix.

But the crossover has been confirmed by Indomie and Chitato through their social media pages today with the hashtag #KolabNtap (#GreatCollab), which would hopefully serve as an indication of how the snack food fusion will taste.

“Who asked for a present on @mychitato’s birthday yesterday? What you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Try #GreatCollab So Hype Chitato! Only available on Indomie’s Tokopedia official store!”

This special edition of Indomie will be released to celebrate Chitato’s 30th anniversary, and, as the packaging suggests, it will taste just like the beef barbeque variant of the snack. Although details are scant, based on Indomie’s usual MO, we’re guessing that the noodles will come with a packet of some sort of crunchy potato chip topping (we’re also guessing that some of you freakier foodies have already tried crumbling chips on your Indomie in the past).

But, perhaps the most contentious aspect of this fusion is that the noodles themselves may be made of potatoes, as suggested by one person who was sent a PR package of the product by Indomie.

Although they may have simply gotten that point wrong (as that detail has not been mentioned by the company), it still begs the question —  what would potato noodles taste like? Would they be soft like long strands of gnocchi? Would they absorb all the sodium goodness and seasoning that sets Indomie apart in the first place?

At any rate, the Chitato-flavored Indomie will be available for purchase starting Friday, May 17, exclusively through Indomie’s official store on Tokopedia. Will you give it a try, or do you think this gimmick will stray too far from what makes OG Indomie great?

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