‘Naughty by Nature’ from KFC Indonesia offers healthier sides to its signature fried chicken

(L-R) KFC Naughty by Nature restaurant in South Jakarta’s Senopati and a plate of the outlet’s signature Meal Market Platter. Photo: Instagram/@naughtybynaturekfc
(L-R) KFC Naughty by Nature restaurant in South Jakarta’s Senopati and a plate of the outlet’s signature Meal Market Platter. Photo: Instagram/@naughtybynaturekfc

Are you trying to live a healthier lifestyle but can’t give up your favorite juicy fried chicken? Well, now you can have your deep fried chicken skin and eat it too, as KFC Indonesia has just opened a concept store that caters to your halfway healthy diet needs. 

The new concept is called KFC Naughty by Nature, and it has opened today. Located across Senopati’s District 8, the building looks more high-end compared to most KFC outlets, and can certainly compete with other restaurants in the vicinity in terms of architectural aesthetics. According to the fast food joint, this is the first and the only Naughty by Nature restaurant in the country.

Picking up on the healthy-eating fad, KFC Naughty by Nature offers a healthier way to consume the fast food chain’s signature fried chicken: subbing the usual white rice and fries with healthier sides and salads for its signature Meal Market Platter menu. To order, you’ll need to pick one of the O.R (original) fried chicken, HCC (Hot Crispy Chicken) crispy boneless strips, or grilled chicken options for the protein. The latter appears to be a whole new addition to the chain’s chicken lineup, and can be expected to incorporate KFC’s signature spices.

After choosing your chicken, you can select from one to three sides out of 18 selections, which are divided into cool and warm options. There are choices of salads in the cool sides lineup, such as the kale caesar salad, Goma Garlic Greens, or coleslaw; while the warm sides lineup consist of items such as crispy brussels sprouts, baked butternut squash, and roasted baby potato, to name a few. You can see the complete selections for the Meal Market Platter here.

There’s also a breakfast lineup, featuring Takes Two to Taco (IDR40,909), Geprek KFC (IDR50,000), as well as Eggcited (ID54,545), Eggtastic, and Eggcelent (IDR45,455) — all three of which incorporate poached eggs.

You can also enjoy fried chicken with mashed potato and coleslaw (Oldies but Goodies, IDR54,545) or truffle caulipuree and kale slaw (New Chick on The Block, IDR45,455), or try the Nasi Ayam Pak Sanders (IDR50,000) that features the grilled chicken. Other dishes include Spiced Tomato Spaghetti and Creamy Linguine called Pasta Nonna Sanders (IDR72,727). All prices listed above are before tax and charges.

You won’t be able to order KFC Naughty by Nature through your trusty food delivery app just yet, but the chain is currently working to make the option available.



KFC Naughty by Nature

Jl. Senopati No. 24, across District 8 SCBD, South Jakarta

Open daily: 7-10am (breakfast), 7am-6pm (dine-in), and 7am-9pm (takeaway)

Transit: MRT Senayan, TransJakarta Bundaran Senayan

Phone: +62 812 8036 1139



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