Indonesia’s Bintang beer to be exported to USA, claimed to be American surfers’ ‘beer of choice’

Promotional Instagram post for Bintang beer’s American expansion. Photo: Instagram/@birbintangindonesia
Promotional Instagram post for Bintang beer’s American expansion. Photo: Instagram/@birbintangindonesia

Count your lucky stars, America: Bintang, one of Indonesia’s most popular mass-produced and generic-tasting beers, is soon going to be available in the USA.

This morning, PT Multi Bintang Indonesia launched their first export to America, making North America the fourth continent to be blessed with their beer after Asia, Europe, and Australia (many of whose citizens would no doubt have had their first taste of Bintang in Bali and subsequently went off to buy Bintang-themed singlets).

“We are so proud that Bintang beer, created by the nation’s sons and daughters, will be available in four continents,” PT Multi Bintang Indonesia President Director Michael Chin said at the export ceremony in Tangerang this morning, as quoted by Detik.

Chin said that the company decided to export its beer to the US after a market study in which they found that American surfers holidaying in Indonesia preferred Bintang.

“They took Bintang as their beer of choice and would be very happy if they found Bintang beer in the USA,” he said.

Only canned Bintang will be exported to the US, and it will be primarily sold at Indonesian/Southeast Asian restaurants as well as premium supermarkets, Asian supermarkets and select liquor stores.

Bintang is surely popular in Indonesia, mainly due to its availability and relatively low price. Though it wasn’t mentioned how much the pale lager would cost per can in the US, we don’t imagine Bintang would crack the dominance of US-brewed cheap generic beer like Bud, Miller, and Coors anytime soon.

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