‘Geprek’ ice cream is a smashing new dessert trend in Indonesia

Video screengrabs from TikTok
Video screengrabs from TikTok

Trust TikTok to birth the most ridiculous of trends and take over Indonesian social media by storm, with people smashing ice cream cones (quite literally) currently on top of the hype train these days. 

Many Indonesians have posted their own takes on Es Krim Geprek (literal translation: smashed iced cream), with videos showing them headed to their nearest McDonald’s outlets, ordering several ice cream cones, before mashing them all in a food container. Think ayam geprek (crispy fried chicken smashed with chili), but with ice cream cones.

It’s easy to make es krim geprek, though we can’t help but wonder why anyone would trouble themselves to do this (maybe the McFlurry machine is broken again?). Order more than two ⁠— ideally four ⁠— ice cream cones at any fast food outlets or dessert joints (doesn’t have to be McDonald’s) and put them in your plastic container. 

Crack the cones to mix with the soft-serve vanilla ice cream with your spoons, and after they’re mushed enough to your liking, you can add toppings of your choice into the mix. Congrats, your es krim geprek is now ready for your enjoyment and to be immortalized on social media.

Since the es krim geprek trend first appeared around a week ago, people have come up with numerous ways to enjoy the dessert.

There is, of course, the OG way:


penasaran tengah malem🤭 ##eskrim ##eskrimgeprek ##mcd ##eskrimmcd ##eskrimviral ##drivethru ##LazadaGetLow ##fyp ##fypシ ##fypage ##fypdongggggggg ##fypシ゚viral

♬ Satu Nama – JEREMY

And then there’s the McFlurry-inspired es krim geprek:


yg murah sj….🤪 ##eskrimgeprek ##menuviral ##moots? ##fyp ##fypシ ##masukberandafyp ##eskrimviral ##aice # pake @Aice Indonesia aj

♬ et dah bocah – zra

Wafer rolls, almond slices, and candy-coated button chocolates seem like an enticing combo:


Literally kena racyun TikTok 🍦🍦🍦 #menuviral #eskrimgeprek #mcd

♬ Butter (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – BTS

And then there’s the IDR300,000 (US$21.18) es krim geprek featuring ice cream cones from Belgian chocolatier Godiva:

TikTok star Sisca Kohl, who’s famous for turning every food imaginable to be soft-serve ice cream, took the es krim geprek trend way too literally. As you can see in the TikTok below, Sisca and her sister turned white rice into ice cream using an ice cream machine, serving them on three cones before mashing them together, and eating the final product with actual ayam geprek. 


BIKIN ES KRIM GEPREK DI RUMAH CHECK!😋🍦❤️ bersama adikku @aliyyah.kohl #fyp @mitoelectronic @mitochiba.id @steincookware #mito #steincookware

♬ The Blue Danube – Western Horizon Productions

Some people who have tried the dessert claim that the smashing method elevated their ordinary ice cream cones to the next level. On the other hand, we think there are few things worse than soggy cones.

Do you plan on jumping on the es krim geprek bandwagon anytime soon? If you do, don’t forget to tag us if you post your creations on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok!

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