Fi:ka Kedai Kafi: Sour Sally Group joins Jakarta’s ‘es kopi’ scene with new coffee shop chain

A cup of Coconut Kafi Frappe. Photo: Fi:ka Kedai Kafi
A cup of Coconut Kafi Frappe. Photo: Fi:ka Kedai Kafi

Following its success with Sour Sally, Indonesia’s first frozen yogurt brand, as well as Taiwanese cheese tea shop Gulu-Gulu, local F&B company Sour Sally Group recently launched its latest concept, Fi:Ka Kedai Kafi.

As you might have noticed, Fi:ka Kedai Kafi (clever name, btw) borrows its name from the Swedish concept of fika, which roughly translates to coffee break. It’s an important aspect of Swedish culture, and most Swedes take fika seriously — it’s about more than just the coffee itself, and traditionally, they set aside that time of the day to relax and socialize with friends or family over coffee and sweet treats.

If you’re also into fika and are constantly looking out for new es kopi (iced coffee) spots to hit up for your afternoon break, then Fi:ka Kedai Kafi should suit the bill. It’s different from other es kopi places in one key way: While most other shops mostly use espresso machines, Fi:ka Kedai Kafi opts for a manual brew method using a custom-made giant Vietnamese-style dripper, which results in a “bold, tasty, and aromatic” coffee.

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H-3 Es Kafi pertama di Indonesia dengan Metode Kopi Tetes yang menggunakan DRIPPER RAKSASA sehingga menghasilkan Kopi yang lebih Bold, Rich dan Kental. Fi:ka Kafi akan segera hadir di Gandaria City LG Floor (depan Daiso) 3 HARI LAGI!! Jangan sampai kelewatan untuk merasakan nikmatnya racikan #KopiPalingSolid dengan variant” es kopi susu yang dijamin berbeda dengan yang lainnya karena lebih Kental, Gurih, dan Aromatic plus ada tampilan marbling effect nya. – Fi:ka [fika] adalah budaya yang berasal dari Swedia yang artinya moment saat kita beristirahat sejenak dan mengapresiasi diri dengan suatu hal yang biasanya dilakukan bersama segelas kopi. – #FikaTime #BySourSally #FikaCulture

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The shop uses its own Ka:fi House Blend, but there are also various other options on the menu to choose from. From the classic Es Kafi Susu Indo with coconut sugar and the rich Es Kafi Susu Solid, to the stronger Es Kafi Susu Jantan, to Coconut Kafi Smoothies and Es Kafi Yogurt — featuring Sour Sally’s yogurt — there should be something on the menu to appease coffee lovers and non-caffeinators alike.

If you’re in a party of 10 people or more, then you can choose the Fika Pack, which consists of 12 hot coffee cups. All in all, Fi:ka Kedai Kafi’s price range is fairly affordable — ranging from IDR 5,000 to IDR 34,000 (US$0.35 to US$2.38).

A cup of Iced Kafi Susu Indo. Photo: Fi:ka Kedai Kafi
A cup of Iced Kafi Susu Indo. Photo: Fi:ka Kedai Kafi

At the moment, you can find Fi:ka Kedai Kafi at Gandaria City LG floor, Lippo Kuningan G floor, and Tentara Pelajar Street in Senayan area. The company plans to open 100 outlets this year, so you might find a Fi:ka outlet near your area soon enough. Alternatively, you can order your kafi via Go-Food.

Ka:fi Kedai Kafi is the latest addition to the growing list of affordable es kopi spots in Indonesia, particularly within the capital city of Jakarta. Es kopi is not your regular iced latte — it’s usually a mixture of arabica and robusta coffee blended with milk, and sweetened by liquid palm sugar. Its sweet taste and affordable price tag have been making it the drink of the moment, and it’s been gaining massive popularity in the country in the last three years.


Fi:ka Kedai Kafi is located at three locations in South Jakarta:
Gandaria City LG floor, Lippo Kuningan G floor, and Tentara Pelajar Street in Senayan
Opens daily from 10 am – 10 pm.

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