New Re-CUTES: Hong Kong police share video of 6-week-old bomb-sniffing pups

The police welcomed five new springer spaniel pups last month. Photo via Instagram/Hong Kong Police Force.

Who’s a good wittle counter-terrorism officer? You are! Yes you are!

The geniuses in the Hong Kong Police Force’s PR department have outdone themselves yet again, posting to Facebook last night a video featuring five tiny police puppies frolicking, peeing, and generally being adorable.

The 48-second video of the 6-week-old pups contains 48 years’ worth of cuteness, as the puppies clamber around and jostle for milk before settling down for a nap. Awwwww, they tuckered themselves out!

According to the Hong Kong police, the Police Dog Unit (PDU) has more than 100 dogs in active service, from German shepherd patrol dogs, to bomb-sniffing Springer spaniels, to Labrador retrievers trained to sniff out both narcotics and dangerous explosives.

This newest batch of recruits was first introduced to the public last month, when a video of the pups at just 2 weeks old was posted to the force’s Facebook page.

The South China Morning Post reported in 2018 that 21 of the PDU’s dogs were slated to retire this year when they turn 9 — or more than 50, in dog years — after which they will spend most of their time down at the police dog bar, reminiscing about the good old days, before the paper-pushers started running the force. (Just kidding. That’s not true, no matter how badly we want it to be.)

Police dogs undergo basic training when they are between 4 and 6 months old, and begin training for their specific roles at around 18 months.

But the latest batch of cuties weren’t the first to capture our hearts. In November 2017, the police announced that their Belgian Malinois, Arwen, gave birth to six pups.

Photo via HKPF.
Photo via HKPF.

You’re welcome.

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