Court drops case against man accused of groping female fans at Supper Moment concert

A Hong Kong court has dropped a case against a man who was accused of groping two female fans, one of them underage, during a concert by Cantopop-rock band Supper Moment.

In April, Yeung Chun-yat, 24, pleaded not guilty to three counts of indecent assault against two girls, identified only as X and Y, aged 20 and 15 respectively.

The court heard that the incident in question happened at a Supper Moment concert in Stanley Plaza on November 4, 2017. On the first day of the trial hearing, Y alleged that during the concert — which was attended by about 200 people — she felt Yeung standing behind her with his hands on her shoulders, telling the court she ignored him at first until suddenly she felt something warm press against her buttocks.

Yeung was due to be sentenced at Eastern Magistrates’ Court yesterday afternoon. However, magistrate Pang Leung-ting, ruled that there was not enough evidence to convict Yeung and dropped the charges.

HK01 reports that during his closing remarks, Pang said that he came to his decision after reflecting on the testimony of both women.

He noted that during cross-examination both women said that they were “not sure it was an accident,” rendering their testimonies unreliable.

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