4 awesomely affordable reds for any Hong Kong occasion


There are few Hong Kong occasions that aren’t improved by a decent bottle of wine. Whether you’re trying to impress a client, looking for the perfect BYO pairing for a cooked food center feast, or after something fresh and fruity for a beach barbecue, these four tasty tipples are the toast of the town.

If any, or all, of the below four wines take your fancy, you’re absolutely in luck! There’s a wine sale happening islandwide right now. Pick up deals on all or any of these bottles at your local ParkNShop.

Photo: Amazing August Wine Sale
Photo: Amazing August Wine Sale

A beach BBQ

It’s summertime and Hong Kong’s beach barbecue season is in full swing. You need a versatile and fruity wine to accompany a day of sun, sand, snacks and sizzling meat. So why not swing for Maison de Grand Esprit Miraculeuse Bordeaux?

A mixture of traditional and modern techniques has given this wine both the characteristics of a classic medium-bodied Bordeaux and a surprisingly supple nature. The juxtaposition of zesty berries and warm spice see it pair spectacularly with anything from pizza to steak. So whatever the picnic basket of life serves up, this is the perfect easy-drinking partner.

Get 2 bottles of Maison de Grand Esprit Miraculeuse Bordeaux for HKD178 at ParkNShop (RSP: HKD168/bottle)

Entertaining a client

Your boss or an important client is in town and it’s your job to entertain. Naturally, a nice bottle of red is in order (unless the client is from Japan, then Highballs would be the safest bet). 

Stock up on Wynns The Siding Cabernet Sauvignon. This icon of Aussie wine, planted on the world-famous strip of ‘Terra Rossa’ soil that produces fruit with exceptional quality showcasing unique varietal and regional characteristics of red cherry, mint and dark berry flavors. It also has a reputation for aging gracefully, so if you decide to give an unopened bottle as a gift, it can happily mature on the lucky recipient’s wine rack for up to 10 years! 

Get Wynns The Siding Cabernet Sauvignon for HKD199 at ParkNShop

Photo: Amazing August Wine Sale
Photo: Amazing August Wine Sale

A BYO cooked food center dinner

You never know what’ll be on the menu when you go on a big group outing to a Hong Kong cooked food center. If it’s open to the Bring Your Own Booze culture, which many of them are, you’re going to want to pick a red that’s super versatile. Enter, Wolf Blass President’s Selection Gold Label Shiraz.

This medium to full-bodied beauty from the Coonawarra region of sunny Southern Australia matured for 12 months in seasoned French oak, resulting in smooth red with notes of blueberry and blackberry. The adaptable flavor profile pairs perfectly with a wide range of food, including beef, venison, cheese and, most importantly for us, Chinese spices.

Get 3 bottles of Wolf Blass President’s Selection Gold Label Shiraz for HKD308 at ParkNShop (RSP: HKD159/bottle)

Photo: Amazing August Wine Sale
Photo: Amazing August Wine Sale

A date night in

You’re planning a cozy night in with your other half, but she’s a Shiraz sipper and you’re crazy about Cabernet. Rather than declare the relationship doomed from the offset, grab a bottle of Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet and toast to the best of both worlds.

With a classic blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that South Australia is famous for, this red is oaky, firm and well-rounded, making it the perfect partner to gamey meats like lamb and beef. Rich black fruit flavors and subtly sweet spice, however, also make it perfectly quaffable on its own. Now all you have to squabble over is which film to watch.

Get 3 bottles of Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet for HKD248 at ParkNShop (RSP: HKD159/bottle) 




Photo: Amazing August Wine Sale
Photo: Amazing August Wine Sale


夏日悠長,正值是沙灘燒烤的旺季 。你需要的是一瓶酒體豐滿、充滿果香氣息的紅酒,來搭配陽光與海灘、零食與烤肉。那麼為什麼不考慮一下Maison de Grand Esprit Miraculeuse Bordeaux?


現於百街超級市場購買兩瓶Maison de Grand Esprit La Miraculeuse Bordeaux,只需$178元。(建議零售價$168/瓶)


假如你的老闆或一個重要客戶來港到訪,而你的工作就是接待他的話,那準備一瓶上佳的紅酒是最合適不過了(除非這是來自日本的客戶,選擇蘇打威士忌則最為穩妥 )。

Wynns The Siding Cabernet Sauvignon — 這個極具代表性的澳洲葡萄酒品牌,種植在世界著名的’紅土’土壤上,生產出具有卓越品質的優選酒款。散發著紅櫻桃,薄荷和黑莓的獨特香調。此酒款更以陳年潛力而聞名,當你決定以這瓶未開封的紅酒作為禮物,幸運的收禮者絕對可以將它庫存在酒架上陳釀10年!

現於百街超級市場購買兩瓶Wynns The Siding Cabernet Sauvignon,只需$258元。(建議零售價$199/瓶)

Photo: Amazing August Wine Sale
Photo: Amazing August Wine Sale


當一班人外出用膳的時候,你往往難以預料到菜單上會有些什麼菜色。假如這聚會歡迎現時相當流行的自攜酒文化的話,那你必會希望能夠挑選到一支色、香、味,面面俱全的紅酒赴約。那麼大家請記下 — Wolf Blass President’s Selection Gold Label Shiraz

這酒款擁有中等至飽滿的美妙酒體,是來自陽光明媚的澳洲南部庫納瓦拉。經過12個月於法國橡木桶的釀製,交織著藍莓和黑莓味道,口感柔順。這款易於入口的美酒可佐以各種各樣的食物享用,包括牛肉、鹿肉、奶酪,以及我們最重要的 — 中國香料。

現於百街超級市場購買三瓶Wolf Blass President’s Selection Gold Label Shiraz,只需$308元。(建議零售價$159/瓶)

Photo: Amazing August Wine Sale
Photo: Amazing August Wine Sale


你正計劃和伴侶度過一個溫馨愜意的夜晚,但她喜歡以西拉佐餐,而你則對赤霞珠比較著迷,難道這段關係注定要因此告終?這時開一瓶Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet吧,為這款融合了以上兩種葡萄品種的紅酒彼此乾杯。

此款以南澳著名的西拉和赤霞珠葡萄混釀而成的經典紅酒,帶有橡木香味,酒質緊實豐滿,是羊肉和牛肉等羶味較重的肉類之最佳佐酒選擇。黑色水果的豐盈味道與微妙的香料甜香,各自發揮其獨有風味,揉合出可口的美酒。所以,現在你和你的伴侶要爭論的,應該是挑哪部電影去看。現於百街超級市場購買三瓶Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet,只需$248元。(建議零售價$159/瓶)

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