Update: Housing complex files police report against resident from viral video

Facebook: Photo/ Luzern Pipatchaisiri
Facebook: Photo/ Luzern Pipatchaisiri

The committee of a Bangkok housing complex has filed a police report against a resident who was caught on CCTV first trashing the street then doing a mocking dance in celebration.

Following Tuesday’s viral Facebook post, the man, who has yet to be identified by name, admitted to causing the damage to his neighborhood after being brought in to Hua Mak police station for questioning yesterday afternoon, according to Pathompol Teangwong, the manager of the Baan Pakpirom housing committee.

“Around 4pm yesterday, the committee informed me that the police detained the young man from his house,” said Pathompol. “At about 7pm, the cops called me and said the man confessed. Charges will be filed against him.”

Important to note: This apparently wasn’t a one-off occurrence.

One unidentified witness told Amarin TV that she’d seen the man vandalize the streets for six straight days, starting from Aug. 1.

She further alleged that the man poured a mysterious liquid — which, she suspects to be urine — all over the complex walls.   

While all involved await official charges from the police, Pathompol told reporters he plans to seek the highest penalties possible under the law.

Another representative from the housing complex told Workpoint that the man’s family hadn’t paid their annual residential fees for nine years — a whopping THB269,000 (about US$8,100) in total.

That led to the family losing a lawsuit to the housing committee for that amount, according to the woman who initially released the videos to Facebook.

“He lost, so he started acting like a bully,” Facebook use Luzern Pipatchaisiri wrote in her original post.

Hey, if Seth Rogen is needing ideas for the next installment of Neighbors, I’m sure this complex’s residents have a few ideas.

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