Neighbor From Hell: Bangkok man trashes housing complex, dances to CCTV in celebration (VIDEO)

Photo: Facebook/ Luzern Pipatchaisiri,
Photo: Facebook/ Luzern Pipatchaisiri,

Videos of a mysterious Thai man caught on CCTV trashing the street inside a Bangkok housing complex then mockingly dancing in celebration have been circulating the internet since yesterday.

That’s courtesy of Facebook user Luzern Pipatchaisiri, who angrily posted the pics and CCTV footage to social media yesterday, saying the unidentified man was tearing up his Ramkhamhaeng neighborhood after allegedly losing a lawsuit filed against his family for not having paid residential fees for years.

“The crude acts of a resident at Pakpirom housing complex,” Luzern wrote.

“He didn’t pay the residential fees for years, and the housing committee sued him. He lost, so he started acting like a bully,” she wrote.

In the video, the guy can be sen scattering trash then dancing an infuriating victory boogie towards the village’s surveillance cameras.

Another video shows a man drives over traffic cones, dragging them along the road for meters, with a similar car, although Coconuts cannot confirm if it is the same man.

Luzern, who did not respond to our request to comment, further explained that this has been going on for days now. “He even destroyed one of the CCTV cameras at the entrance [of the housing complex],” she wrote.

“He lives with his parents and sister. Why didn’t his parents discipline him?”

Per her request for netizens to “share this along” within 24 hours, her post has already received over 4,000 shares.

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