True backs off Pornhub prohibition after users erupt in steamy fury

A Japanese school administrator evaluates his colleague’s classroom. A spirted debate of pedagogical methods ensued.
A Japanese school administrator evaluates his colleague’s classroom. A spirted debate of pedagogical methods ensued.

You can order people to stay home and out of bars, but mess with their supply of readily available porn and feel their wrath.

TrueOnline was forced to retract a statement that it had blocked as “inappropriate content” after users rose up last night in a massive backlash that began with one’s complaint they were unable to access the site.

“How is Pornhub inappropriate? I don’t mean to get on your nerves but I really don’t get it,” @Whisper_J23 tweeted.

“Pornhub is inappropriate? Having sexual urges at home is inappropriate? Will the company hire only virgin staff in the future, too?” @Suppy1999 said.

One of the kingdom’s largest internet service providers, True had broached the topic of content appropriateness after it was asked by Wanpedkarbkarb whether it had blocked to the ubiquitous adult website.

“True Internet restricts access to Pornhub. We block our service to inappropriate content websites,” @True_online wrote in reply at about 8pm, triggering a flood of angry users and the hashtag #SavePornhub.

“I pay you asshole, are you my parents now?” wrote @Noppadon_dmc, a well-known parody account satirizing a famous monk.

Pornography remains illegal in Thailand and in the past was the target of half-hearted government blocking that was easily circumvented. In recent years, government policing of the internet has shifted toward quashing dissent and protecting the monarchy from insult, with little apparent effort to block sex sites.

Faced with hundreds of customers threatening to change service to one of its competitors, the company later appeared to reply to as many rage tweets as possible to say the previous reply had been a mistake.

“The admin must apologize for the information. The previously mentioned website access [Pornhub] is not restricted. If you have any problems with our service, you can send us your service number,” the tweets from @True_online read.

The world’s most popular host of sex videos has a large fanbase in the kingddom. In recent years, it has said Thai viewers watched clips the longest and consumed the most VR porn.


Congrats Thailand! Our porn-watching fortitude is No. 1

Thailand watches most VR porn in world, according to Pornhub

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