Thaitanium apologizes for dissing youth in comeback track

One of Thailand’s most successful rap acts apologized for the uproar caused by its new single ribbing the new generation of artists which many saw as misogynist and ageist.

Prinya “Daboyway” Intachai said last night that the song, Por Mueng (Yo Daddy), wasn’t meant to disrespect any artists in the scene but to entertain fans with the same themes group’s always embraced.

“Thaitanium thanks you all for the comments, including those of good encouragement,” he said on social media. “In regard to making this song, we did not create it to diss anyone, it was a song meant to entertain our fans who love music typical of Thaitainium and hip-hop. Whatever the case, we would like to apologize from the bottom of our hearts if the song offended you or let anyone down.”

The rapper, who was raised in New York, continued in English:

“AND with that being said to all the Thai Hip Hop artists that been holding it down, keep killin it!! The Thai HipHop Scene is very much alive and strong and THAITANIUM couldnt be more proud of all the young artists representing for Thailand. Respectfully, THAITANIUM.”

‘Yo Daddy’ so salty: Thaitanium shows their age in bitter single dissing youth

When it was released one week ago, Por Mueng caused outrage this week when many took to slamming its lyrics. 

The song, the first single by the legendary hip-hop act in five years, was seen as punching down on the newer hip-hop performers.

In it, the band bragged about success and shut down all the new rappers as fake, with verses about how they could “still fuck your bitches because I’m your daddy.”

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