‘Yo Daddy’ so salty: Thaitanium shows their age in bitter single dissing youth

“I could still fuck your bitch, because I’m your daddy.”

Those were the verses legendary hip-hop act Thaitanium chose to make its comeback with in a single that was racking up praise from stans today while disappointing everyone else for its cranky and condescending “get-off-my-lawn” vibes.

Although the band’s first single in five years, Por Mueng (Yo Daddy), has already racked up nearly 2 million views since Thursday, its themes and lyrics dissing the newgen rappers who’ve arisen since the band’s heyday 20 years ago were slammed as outdated and ageist.

In their MV, the band brags about its commercial success while trashing rap’s more socially conscious newbloods as fake. Along the way, the self-described “father generation” boast about making dough “even in their sleep” and call out young rappers as “fuckboys” who play at being gangsters.

Many were unimpressed by all the aggrieved down-punching.

“The impression that I got from this video was that they can’t accept that young rappers are quickly becoming successful, due to the fact they were one of the first Thai rap groups to become successful, something that was long and arduous to build,” Thanaphol Lapchit summarized the flap. “It’s like they’re jealous of kids, and would not rather adapt to changing social trends, like rap belongs only to them and no one else.”

UPDATE: Thaitanium apologizes for dissing youth in comeback track

The song has also invited charges of misogyny for boasting that young rappers’ girlfriends, or “bitches,” have their hands around the Thaitanium crew’s middle-aged “dicks.” A creepy visual, given the age differences.

Countless comments left on the band’s socials accused its five forty-somethings of dissing the talent and creativity of Thai hip-hop’s newer generation.

“Thank you Thaitanium, you made my younger brother come back to life. He has been paralyzed due to a traffic accident for many years now, but after playing this song, he woke up from his bed to hit the pause button,” Jayzane91 commented on YouTube.

The group has not publicly responded to the criticism of its first single since their 2019 split.

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