Begpacker Brood Broadens: Begging farang mom now in Chiang Mai with baby daddy

After reporting Wednesday that Bangkokians and netizens were unsure what to make of a farang mom begging with her toddler daughter near Chatuchak Park, the mother and daughter have resurfaced in the northern city of Chiang Mai.

For this round of begging, they seem to have the baby daddy in tow which disproves the story the woman told passersby in Bangkok that she’d been abandoned by her partner and was raising money to fly home with her child.

Facebook user Cathal O’Connor posted the photos to the page Everything Bangkok with the caption: “The ‘missing’ husband showed up and is helping her out in Chiang Mai.”

The mother and daughter as they appeared earlier this week in Bangkok.

The foreign commenters were unkind to say the least. One said, “Busted,” while another implored, “Please somebody remove those parasites from the kingdom.”

The begpacker phenomenon continues to infuriate locals and expats across Southeast Asia, who feel those that travel the world, especially from western nations considered “rich,”  should be able to fund their own trips.

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