Beg-packer brood? Photos of foreign woman begging with baby in Bangkok park go viral

Photos from the now-removed viral Facebook post.
Photos from the now-removed viral Facebook post.

Pictures of a farang mother selling photos and asking for donations at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Park went viral online, starting yet another round of debate about foreigners begging in Asia.

Whether they are desperate, simply trying to “fund their travels,” as this guy was, busking, or selling a product such as postcards, netizens across Southeast Asia can’t stop commenting about begging foreigners.

The latest viral photos are the first to feature a woman with a baby.

The lady, thought to be Russian, is selling what appear to be personal snapshots of her child, snow, and other subjects for “any price.” Her signs, written in Thai, say “Please fund our travel. Please buy our photos.”

The pictures first appeared on Facebook in a post that has now been removed after being shared 17,000 times. The post caption said the woman has been left penniless in Asia by her partner, who abandoned her and the adorable little girl.

She claims she is raising money to fly home.

Some commenters defended the woman and child, shaming the father for the story she told.

Others stated that she still can’t beg in a foreign country and needs to contact an embassy.

There were also those who doubted her story and compared her to other beg-packers trying to extend their holidays with the cash of local do-gooders.

Almost all who commented were concerned for the small child.

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