7 amazing things to ‘S.E.E.’ (Shop, Eat, and Explore) in one jam-packed day at OneSiam with Pop Idol Jannine Weigel


In today’s fast-paced world, there’s no arguing that time is of the essence, and that’s pretty much our approach to planning a day off. From getting into the shopping groove and ticking goods off those endless grocery lists and of course, feeding our discerning palates, there’s much to be done in a single day. Thanks to OneSiam shopping mall, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be able to run those errands while spending quality time with loved ones — all within a stone’s throw of Siam BTS station. 

Lucky for us, we got to make the most of our day at OneSiam with German-Thai pop idol Jannine Weigel — the girl who started from the bottom, and now she’s here (with us at OneSiam). Having racked up over 100M views doing cover tracks on YouTube, Jannine’s got 3.5M subscribers under her belt, all at the mere age of 19. We’re just glad she agreed to hang out with us.

1. Fusing baroque print and unicorns at Boyle-ing point

With everything from fashion and decor to souvenirs and groceries, OneSiam’s the one-stop-shop that hits all the right spots for the sophisticated shopper. Jannine clues us in on Pattric Boyle, the Thai fashion designer label that meshes baroque-style printing (elements you can easily spot on hypebeast cult followers) and unicorns — a quirky pairing that Jannine seems to pull off so effortlessly.

2. Shop without breaking a sweat, literally

Pattric Boyle is just one of the seemingly infinite number of labels available at OneSiam. Jannine ran us ragged, hopping from one Thai staple brand to another, from Greyhound to Leisure Projects, and then we were off to get reacquainted with the turquoise interiors we all know and love at Absolute Siam Store. Not forgetting the household names such as Aland, H&M, alongside cosmetics giants Sephora and Lush Cosmetics.  There’s definitely something for everyone, even if you’re just making a stop to avoid the grueling Bangkok heat.

3. Not leaving much to be desired

O.D.S. (not an acronym for overdosage of shopping) stands for Objects of Desire Store, the ideal place you’d visit if you’re in pursuit of some nifty home decor items. The fact that most of the decor pieces inside the store are Design Excellence Award (DEmark) certified is just the cherry on top.

4. Food, Flavors, and Fusion — with a capital F

When the joy of eating hits us, it comes in full force. It’s safe to assume that Jannine and we could be eating pals (taste buds, if you will) because both of us share an undying love for isaan food (aka Thailand’s soul food), and Chilli Thai (formerly known as Cafe Chilli) doesn’t disappoint. Their specialty is blending authentic flavors with a hint of fusion, including traditional Thai herbs in a lotus wrap (miang bua luang), salmon som tam with salmon roe, and tom sab soup (think of it as tom yam’s even sourer sibling).

Photo: Coconuts Media / OneSiam
Photo: Coconuts Media / OneSiam

5. Hands down the the best Thai tea

If you need to wash down those intense isaan flavors, you can count on the sweet milky-ness of Cha Tra Mue tea (translates to Hand brand tea) to save the day. There’s no doubt that they’re the masters of Thai iced tea — with over 72 years of perfecting the recipe, one sip is all the proof you’ll ever need. If the classic drink is too OG though, why not go for Thai tea latte with emerald pearls (slightly more green and fancier bubbles), or their signature rose milk tea, which is allegedly effective as a digestion enhancer i.e. a mild laxative (we dare you to try it if you don’t believe us, but make sure you’re within reach of a bathroom in the next hour or so).

6. Get in line if you’ve got the time to spare

Bon Chon, Gram Cafe & Pancakes, and the travel guidebook-praised After You Dessert Cafe are diners that test your ‘hangry’ limits with their long, snaking queues, but would surely leave you more than satisfied, if their rave reviews are anything to go by.

7. Hundreds of Fish in one underwater world

If you’re familiar with the proverb ‘there’s plenty of fish in the sea’, it takes on a literal meaning at Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World at Siam Paragon, that proves to be much more than just about the sheer number of fish. We’re talking all sorts of crazy kinds of sea creatures! We got the chance to go through some interactive aquarium checkpoints with Jannine, taking in everything from sand tiger sharks to leopard whiprays to the coolest (literally, bring a jacket) penguin station and even a giant spider crab. Take it from us, these are some weird species not to be missed. 

That being said, you too can ‘S.E.E.’ (shop, eat, and explore) all of it for yourself, from morning till evening in Bangkok at OneSiam, and make the most of your precious time. 

And calling all traveling foodies out there, when you spend THB1,500 at participating diners and cafes, THB200 worth of Siam Gift Card will be yours for free. Learn about simple ways to save on dining and shopping, and great deals at OneSiam.

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