7 awesome diners, cafes, and eateries in Siam we seriously can’t wait for you to try (VIDEO)


If you’ve hung around the Siam area for long enough, you might’ve seen one of those snaking queues whenever the latest food craze makes their debut at OneSiam. It’s as if an idol group was holding a fan meet — only this time, it just might involve fans of meat.

You can always count on a myriad of food vendors and diners to satiate your cravings in OneSiam — a unit comprising of Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery. 

No matter which restaurants come and go in OneSiam, we’ve got you covered as we venture into seven eat-til-you-drop locations in Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery — from a bubbling ‘volcanic’ ramen to a feast of lobsters and other crustaceous delights, and even an afternoon tea set with a delectable Thai twist.

1. Crab and Claw (Siam Paragon, G Floor)

A dive into the world of seafood without actually getting wet. Feast on C&C’s New England-style all-you-can-eat buffet of fresh oysters shipped from exotic bays and distant seas, including US’ Wolf Beach oysters, France’s Royal oysters, Ireland’s Tia Maraa oysters and more — don’t forget to pair these molluscs with shallot vinaigrette, lemon slices, or seafood sauce if you’re craving a bit of spice.  

As you claw your way across the extensive menu of seafood, courtesy of Bangkok’s only Crab and Claw, it is a sin to miss out on their lobster roll. Think chunks of lobster plucked fresh from the shell, seasoned and tossed in C&C’s mayo-less sauce before landing in a warm brioche bun. If you’re salivating while reading this, you already know where to get your seafood fix. 

2. Charna (Siam Center, 2nd Floor)

A hot pot option for the health-conscious, this hot pot joint was brought to you by the folks behind BBQ Plaza. The hot pot eatery welcomes every guest with a shot of cold-pressed juice, You can choose from two nutritious broths for your personal pot, namely the herbal chicken broth or the hot and sour broth. The pot definitely isn’t complete without meat, which can be chosen from their wide array of fresh-cut meat and seafood platter, or even individual plates. Meanwhile, the greens can be hand-picked at the ‘farm station’ along with 6 dips to choose from.

3. Palsaik Korean BBQ (Siam Center, 2nd Floor)

From one cook-it-yourself to another, it’s easy to forget that you’re not actually in South Korea when dining at Thailand’s only Palsaik Korean BBQ, which traveled over 3,500km from Seoul to Bangkok. Their signature ‘eight-color marinated pork’ set is derived from the combination of words in the restaurant’s name, pal (eight) saik (color). You’ll be reminded just how Korean this place is when you notice that scissors is the tool of choice for cutting up meat. Don’t forget other favorites such as their seafood soup, and when you’ve finished the soup, you can still use the pot to cook up some cheesy fried rice.

4. Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen (Siam Center, 2nd Floor)

You can’t talk about Bangkok’s eating scene without mentioning Japanese food — and of course, ramen. Siam Center doesn’t disappoint the foodies, with the inclusion of the famous Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen, which translates to ‘volcanic ramen’. The hype isn’t solely based on the restaurant’s Instagrammable decor, but for a similar reason that all millennials are familiar with — ‘the camera eats first’. It’s quite the process to watch. The draw is getting to watch the hot stone bowl bringing the rich pork broth to a boil in exactly one minute, with a 60-second hourglass duly provided for a proper countdown. Then, watch the soup bubble and thicken as it cooks the ramen, and is garnished with spring onions. Expect perfectly al dente ramen threads in an explosive broth.

5. My Kitchen (Siam Discovery, 4th Floor)

It’s usually a hassle when your folks can’t pinpoint where to eat. My Kitchen has that issue sorted, by offering different kitchens for a variety of cuisines — anything from Wang Seong’s Korean, to Cafe Chili’s isaan soul food, even a palate-cleansing yogurt bar (did someone say an all-you-can-eat mango dessert buffet?). For those who appreciate Japanese cuisine, you will enjoy the budget-friendly premium buffet from Haru Kappo that offers fresh salmon, tuna and saba sashimi slices, with fancy sushi rolls and 50 menus (yes, you heard that right) to satisfy any craving.

6. Brix Dessert Bar (Siam Paragon, G Floor)

We have two words for you: Hotto and Keiki — which, as you might have already guessed by sounding it out, translates to hot cakes. Brix Dessert Bar’s take on the hotcake is based on Japanese-style cake batter, and if you’re familiar with Japanese patisseries and their cakes, you’ll know they are extremely light and fluffy. Drizzle on a bit of maple syrup, and you’ll understand why this signature menu is selling like hot cakes.

7. Khao Dessert Cafe (Siam Paragon, G Floor

Should your sweet tooth crave a different kind of sweetness, make a stop at this Thai-style dessert cafe. It offers a contemporary Siamese take on classic afternoon tea ritual, great if you want to treat yourself to something completely new. Opt for the transformed version of traditional Thai custard pudding, undercut by sour ice-cold sorbet, or the highly praised signature of Khao’s, the tapioca balls wrapped around fresh, crunchy strawberries imported from the US, and generously sprinkled with coconut shreds. 

Wash down those desserts with their thirst-quenching herbal Italian sodas — lose yourself in the fizz with their bael fruit or roselle flavors. 

Eat first. Shop later.

While you’re filling your belly from the flavorful menus these diners and cafes have to offer, it’s best to make sure that you use the rewards that you receive when you spend THB1,500 on dining. OneSiam instantly rewards you with a Siam Gift Card worth THB200! That’s not all as you can look forward to even more savings with special promotions on the KLOOK app, TripAdvisor and other limited offers which you can learn about here.

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