Which of these 11 Indonesian condom varieties should you try?

Sexual health is no joke, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun.

This is the philosophy of the people behind one of Indonesia’s leading contraceptive brands, Fiesta Condoms.

While seeing the Fiesta booth at this year’s BaliSpirit Festival hand out lollipops that resembled condoms, offer free temporary tattoos, and give out their actual products, we learned from their energetic and bubbly team that the brand is actually part of a larger non-profit organization DKT International, whose goal in Indonesia is to educate youth about sexual health and spread awareness about the importance of safe sex.

How do they do that, apart from joining fun events like BaliSpiriti Fest? They make their products appeal to a range of customers, with something for everybody, making their condoms colorful, flavorful, and in a range of shapes, Suta Musa, deputy brand manager told Coconuts Bali.

Here in the spirit of helping a good cause, let us help you figure out which color, flavor, or shape is most suitable for your needs.

1. Strawberry

Strawberry condoms for those who like some sweetness in their lovemaking, along with a dash of romance.

2. Banana

You’ve got to admit someone who can handle a banana condom is a bit funky with that exotic appeal.

3. Dotted

With dotted, it’s all about the feel. Forget the thrills and the lust, it’s the sensation that comes first and foremost. Which is probably why dotted is one of Fiesta’s biggest sellers in Indonesia.

4. Ultra Safe

This one is touted as soft with extra lubrication to add that excitement and maximum protection. If you’re worried about something going wrong, this is the one that the brand says should make you feel more confident so you don’t have to worry about an slip ups while in the sack.

5. Passion

You want to feel hot hot hot down there? Then go with passion, with its warm tingling sensation.

6. Mint

This condom’s minty fresh to add some coolness to your lovemaking, a breath of fresh air in this hot Bali heat. 


7. Ultra thin

True to its name, this condom is super thin to get maximum sensation down there, and as much of a natural feeling as possible, while still wearing protection.

8. Earthquake

This is totally with the rap lyric, “We can make an earthquake up in here.” These condoms come with a vibrating ring to shake things up.

9. All Night

“We be all night.” This pack contains premium imported condoms with special “climax delay lubricant” so things can last as long as you want them to.

10. Durian

How more exotic could you get? Durain, the “King of Fruits” is definitely a polarizing flavor and isn’t for just anybody. Only the strongest and the kinkiest shall survive this condom. 

11. Party Pack

Too overwhelmed by all these varieties to choose? Well with party pack you don’t have to. Taste the colors of the rainbow with a little bit of everything: strawberry, mint, banana, and durian all in one package.

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