WTF? Bali suitcase murderer is living it up in LP Kerobokan: alleged ‘lesbian 3-ways’, chain-smoking and bringing up baby

Every several months or so, we get a fresh dose of news coverage about the infamous young American woman convicted for her role in her mother’s disturbing Bali Suitcase Murder

The latest on Heather Mack is nothing short of ‘WTF’ yet dark, comical territory. 

Daily Mail just published a lengthy exclusive about the 21-year-old and her apparently glamorous, “celebrity” lifestyle inside Bali’s notorious Kerobokan Prison.

Mack is serving 10 years in Bali after she was sentenced in April 2015 alongside then boyfriend Tommy Schaefer (he got 18 years) for murdering her mother, Chicago socialite Sheila von Wiese-Mack, and stuffing her in a suitcase at the posh Bali St. Regis resort back in August 2014. 

The young woman gave birth to her and Schaefer’s daughter, Stella, in March 2015. Since then, Mack and Schaefer have apparently broken up and Stella resides with her mother—but gets daily visitation from Schaefer. Stella is allowed to stay with Mack until she turns two—from there she will either be sent to the U.S. or must be given up to a local Indonesian family. 

While you would think the infamous “Hotel K” would be one of the most god-awful desolate places to bring up a baby, Mack’s Instagram has been littered with photos of a healthy-looking and smiling Stella with her parents inside the prison.

Heather Mack and Stella
Heather Mack and baby Stella pose for photo inside the women’s section of Kerobokan Prison. Photo: Instagram
Tommy Schaefer and baby Stella
Tommy Schaefer and baby Stella inside Kerobokan Prison. Photo: Instagram

Other than the baby selfies are also photos with Mack and her new “friends”, who the Daily Mail identifies some of as her lesbian partners. 

Heather Mack selfie
Photo: Instagram
Heather Mack and friends
Heather Mack and other prisoners pose for a pic inside Kerobokan Prison. Photo: Instagram

Referring to Schaefer and Mack, the Daily Mail article claims that “both of them can drink, eat and smoke anything they want, whenever they want. And Mack is taking it to the extremes with her wild love life.” The article also plays up Mack’s local celebrity status inside the prison, describing her as quite popular and well known amongst Kerobokan inmates. 

Heather Mack smoking
Heather Mack takes a drag. Photo: Instagram

Mack and her young prisonmates call themselves the “pretty little criminals” and seem to “spend a lot of their time drinking the local Indonesian beer Bintang and smoking Marlboro.” 

As we’ve heard many a time before, having money buys you better treatment and resources inside Kerobokan Prison and that’s apparently the case with Mack. 

According to the Mail, rent runs at $200 per month inside the jail and $100 can get you a “day out” or spouse and/or prostitute visits, where guards turn a blind eye:  “Mack was allowed out four weeks ago to visit a local Balinese restaurant with Stella on Mother’s Day and even sent the photos to her pals, a source said.” 

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