Woman tragically dragged out to sea at Angel’s Billabong had been on her honeymoon

To make a sad story even sadder, it turns out that the young woman who was tragically swept away by strong waves in Nusa Penida had been on her honeymoon. 

Lestari Williams, 24, originally reported by local media as Ni Ketut Lastri had apparently just married her husband Brad before the tragedy, holding a traditional ceremony in Bali.

Lestari had been at natural infinity pool Angel’s Billabong with Brad and her Balinese family when a huge wave hit them from behind. 

Brad, along with Williams and her eight-year-old sister were swept out to sea. Brad struggled to make it back to shore, but Lestari and her sister didn’t make it back. 

Lestari’s body washed up to shore less than 24 hours later, accoridng to Perth Now.

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