Wild macaques venture into Bali homes, allegedly due to development along the Ayung River

A Bali macaque. Photo: Flikr/McKay Savage
A Bali macaque. Photo: Flikr/McKay Savage

The rise in development near the Ayung River in Gianyar seems to have disturbed the long-tailed macaques that live in the area. Troops of monkeys have started to infiltrate residential areas, vexing locals and stressing out road users in the village of Sayan, according to a report in Tribun Bali.

Locals say that the monkeys show no fear towards humans, unashamedly entering yards and stealing chicken eggs. One villager reportedly tried to shoo one off his property with a stick, but the animal didn’t run away as expected. Instead, it showed its teeth and growled aggressively. The monkeys have even been interrupting service at hotel restaurants, according to the source.

Mischievous monkeys are nothing new in Bali; Uluwatu Temple’s macaques have been known to steal stuff from tourists and barter back the plundered goods for food. But sadly in Sayan, it seems the problem stems from something quite tragic.

Villagers believe that the monkeys have been forced out of their natural habitat due to tree felling to make way for tourist accommodation overlooking the Ayung River gorge, already a popular location for luxury resorts.

For those with babies and small children, the monkey invasion is a cause for concern, and residents are calling on authorities for help.

Talking to Tribun Bali, local resident Ketut Parsa said, “I hope that the relevant parties will evacuate these monkeys so they will not disturb the residents and the safety of the animals is also guaranteed.”

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